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Twerking Has Hit The Oxford Dictionary!

Twerking Has Hit The Oxford Dictionary!

Twerking, which BLACK people have been doing since the beginning of time has made it’s way into Britain’s Oxford Dictionary. Mainstream media and the white folks, especially Miley Cyrus has the world thinking she “invented” the now ever so popular dance/phrase. Hmmm, once again WE make something and THEY steal it.  Oxford Dictionaries’ Katherine Connor Martin said “twerking” was some two decades old.

“There are many theories about the origin of this word, and since it arose in oral use, we may never know the answer for sure,” Martin said. “We think the most likely theory is that it is an alteration of work, because that word has a history of being used in similar ways, with dancers being encouraged to ‘work it.’ The ‘t’ could be a result of blending with another word such as twist or twitch.”

All I can do is SMH! There is an underlined appropriation issue that folks don’t want to talk about but whatevas! (SN: I blame part of this on Jay Z and the other Black folks that have gased up Miley’s head) “Twerk” will be added to the dictionary as part of its quarterly update, which includes words such as “selfie,” the word typically used to describe pouty smartphone self-portraits, “digital detox” for time spent way from Facebook and Twitter, and “Bitcoin,” for the nationless electronic currency whose gyrations have also caught the world’s eye.

The definition: “Twerk, v.: dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.”

What do you think of Oxford putting the phrase twerking in it’s dictionary?


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