Twitter is A Buzz with Racist “Annie” Tweets!

Racism rears its ugly head yet again on Twitter and this time the target is the latest version of “Annie.” As you already know, the latest cinematic incarnation of the character is an African-American, poofy-haired girl with a big heart instead of the traditional Caucasian and redheaded character. Unsurprisingly a few very ignorant people had some not too kind things to say about the modern update of the character.





Besides being outright hateful these people have forgotten that changing the ethnicity of a character is nothing new. Whitewashing, when a character who is created as an a person of color is made Caucasian is far more common than the reverse. Katniss Everdeen, the heroine of The Hunger Games was written as Native American, The Egyptians were people of color and they are routinely portrayed by Europeans, and white actors were cast for roles in The Last Airbender which should have been a predominantly Asian cast. Despite the controversy surrounding these castings the films moved forward. Annie  will as well! Whoever said an American sweetheart has to be Caucasian is sorely mistaken. Check the future of race in America. By 2050 the White majority is expected to be a minority…get with the program people!

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