Tyler Perry Donates $20K To WVI!

Holiday spirit is floating in the air. Especially around director, actor and Founder of Tyler Perry Studios, Tyler Perry. The movie star reportedly donated $20k to the Women Veteran Interactive (WVI) based in MD.

Perry called up Ginger Miller, founder of WVI, and told her that he is not giving the donation in regards to one of his actresses, Tasha Smith who reportedly took $12k from the organization, but because he wanted to reward Miller for all of her hard work with the organization. Miller commented about the generous offering to ABC News, “Wait a minute, Mr. Perry, do you have my cell phone number?…I’m just like, ‘It’s Tyler Perry!’ I was floored.” Miller continued, “God, this is like a dream come true. Mr. Perry, if you’re out there, if you’re watching, we love you, we adore you … we will never forget this.”
Tasha Smith and Manager/soon-to-be ex-husband Keith Douglas allegedly got paid $12k from WVI to make an appearance on Veteran’s Day that they ended up canceling. Smith and Douglas never reimbursed the organization the money. Recently, Douglas paid back half of the money and apologized that Miller had to be caught in the middle of their messy divorce. Douglas had this to say to ABC News about Perry’s donation:

“If I was financially capable, I would’ve given her even more. I know that my wife is capable of doing it. [Perry] has a heart that’s bigger than Texas and that’s what he does. I think Tyler doesn’t like the confusion, so when seeing what was going on, he decided to give that to Ginger, because of what Ginger was going through.”



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