Tyler Perry Sues Ex-Employee and Alleged Stalker for $125K

Tyler Perry may be adding a stalker role in his next film, this time based off of personal experience.

The media mogul filed a lawsuit on Monday against ex-employee Joshua Sole after being notified that the model was trespassing at Tyler Perry Studios Halloween night.

The 27-year-old was arrested after barricading himself inside the administrative offices for four hours after disabling the power to the studios. He reportedly was trying to get in contact with Perry for reasons unknown, but decided to take matters into his own hands when he found Perry unreachable.

This may not be the first time that Perry has had an encounter with his alleged stalker. He filed a $100,000 lawsuit against Sole, who he says was trying to intimidate him. He also ordered a restraining order against the former worker, and requested that he undergo psychological treatment and evaluation. As if that’s not enough, Perry is also requesting a $25,000 for attorney fees, and asked the Superior Court to require Sole to post his $7,000 bond.

This sounds deeper than a typical stalker case. Perhaps Perry enjoyed his attorney role a little too much in Gone Girl; he’s certainly showing no mercy!

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