Unbeweavable Technology With 3D Print

Hair extensions are probably one of the most common beauty enhancers on the market. No matter what color, length or texture of the locs– to get quality bundles, a nice chunk of change must be spent. The 3D printer has been receiving a lot of attention not only for the clothes and patterns that it prints but now….Hair.



The process called “furbrication,” may change the way ladies and gents get their weaves. While the technique is still in the beginning stages, the printer can make all sorts of colors, textures and lengths that will give the same variety as the beauty supply stores. The only downfall for now is that the makeup of this “hair,” is plastic.

While it’s not quite being used for hair weaves yet, the possibly is creeping up as the boundaries in beauty are being broken with technology. As of now, the “hair,” is being used on trinkets and toys as seen below.



The thought of being able to customize your own bundles at home is a girl’s dream, but it looks like we have to wait a few years while technology works out the kinks.

Victoria Webster

Beauty Writer

Natural Hair lover and product junkie, Victoria is a beauty writer based in Cleveland, Ohio. As a graduate of Baldwin Wallace University, she has worked with different publications including Cleveland Magazine and The Call and Post Newspapers. She loves all things related to health and beauty. When she's not working, you can catch her looking for new beauty products to try on naturally curly hair or browsing the web for the latest beauty trends and products to feature on her website www.blossom2beauty.com.