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Unique Gift Ideas for College Students

Unique Gift Ideas for College Students

College can be a bit overwhelming for students. It can be stressful yet fulfilling. If you have a college student that you’re close to and you’re struggling to come up with truly unique gift ideas, fret no more! Just keep reading to know some fabulous unique gift ideas for college students.

1) Noise-canceling headphones 

A dorm room or another public space in college may not always have the best environment to study peacefully. Consider gifting a pair of noise-canceling headphones to your college-bound student to help them shut out any distractions while studying. Try to get wireless headphones that have Bluetooth capabilities so that they don’t have to worry about wires.

2) Electric kettle

College means endless cups of coffee or tea for almost all students. Gifting them an electric kettle will give them an easy and safe way to boil water. It will come in handy for making warm drinks like tea, coffee, or even hot chocolate. Try to get an electric kettle made of borosilicate glass as that is sturdy in nature.

3) Proper lighting to help your college student have a good night’s sleep 

College is known for late nights, and if your college student is like most others, they may not be getting enough sleep anyway. Furthermor, like it or not, light affects our moods, and getting a good night’s sleep is vital for everyone. If you want to ensure that your college student sleeps well, you should consider gifting them a table lamp or bulbs that come with intensity dimmers and help produce the key light frequencies that will drive their biological response to light. 

4) A fitness tracker

Even though nowadays there are plenty of mobile apps that help a person stay fit and healthy, you can consider gifting your college student a fitness tracker that they can wear on their wrist. Most fitness trackers come with functions that measure steps, heart rate, calories burned, and sleep status at a minimum. The more advanced ones allow the wearer to read social media or messaging app notifications as well. After all, working out improves a person’s productivity levels, and a fitness tracker will definitely motivate your college student to work out more.

5) A waterproof Bluetooth speaker

It’s a fact that college students like to party. And if you give your college student a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, then they will be ever so grateful for your gift. A Bluetooth speaker is perfect for playing songs from their mobile phones, and a waterproof one will help them take it out for their pool parties.

6) An extra-long power cord

College students who live in a dorm room may have limited power outlets near their chairs, desk, or bed. Gifting them an extra-long power cord is a thoughtful gesture, as they’ll be able to charge their electronic devices and use them at the same time if necessary.

7) A portable charger

A portable charger will ensure that your college student can study and take notes without worrying about their battery running out. Choose a portable charger that can be used for all devices, including smartphones and laptops. It will also help if the portable charger you decide to give comes with a digital screen that shows how much charge is remaining.

8) An inflatable chair

An inflatable chair is an excellent gift for your college students since they can create extra seating to relax with friends or for an impromptu study session. When not in use, they can just deflate it and store it under their bed or in a cupboard to free up space in their room.

9) A mini-fridge

While a full-size refrigerator may be too large to fit in a dorm room, gifting your college student a mini-fridge is a great idea. They can store food, medications, water, or soft drinks. The small size of a mini-fridge will ensure that your college student can fit it in their room and be able to store their favorite snacks near them.



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