UNSOLICITED: Sit down, Be Humble

Kendrick Lamar summed it up with 34-bars and a repetitive, simplistic chorus, “Hold up, lil’ bitch, Sit down, Be humble.”

This 2017 instant-hit shames the people whose minds have been brainwashed by the “new” term of success, forgetting where they’ve come from and how they’ve got to where they are.

In the opening line of verse one he informs, “I remember syrup sandwiches and crime allowances.”


In my opinion, Kendrick Lamar is very underrated as a rapper. He is a victim to his own track. Rappers like him, J. Cole, and Wale, don’t get the praise as “great rappers” because they don’t often talk about money, cars, hoes, or shooting shit up.  I remember my youngest brother calling me, “lame” because I listened to J. Cole (Who Dat and Can’t Get Enough are two of my favorites). But remind you, he was a huge fan of Soulja Boy and Chief Keef. So…yeah…

Kendrick Lamar’s music is humbling, like the greats before him: Tupac and Biggie. Hell, Kanye West gets talked about for unapologetically speaking his truth and humble beginnings.

To humble yourself is to show a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance (Thank you google search). We are the most self-absorbed, self-involved generation. I blame social media! With a few filters, a couple of likes, and an “impromptu” skit, fame and popularity is just around the corner.


No-names are receiving names.

The high school loner is bringing in laugh emoijs.

The insecure is now photoshopping a bigger ass or a sculpted six-pack.

Going viral or becoming meme-famous is now an aspiration. Fake ass models and horrible actors are claiming celebrity from one single post. With this sudden success, a celebrity persona is then created. Like, really? You work at Dollar Tree and live at home with your parents! I’m here to say, along with Kendrick, “Hold up, lil’ bitch, Sit down, Be humble.”

As much as I’ve accomplished in my 27 years, I’ve always remained humble. Most people never find out about me from me. There’s a time to shut the hell up and smile, and there’s a time to roar and be heard. Talent and skill speak for itself.

#SheaWisdom Humble yourself, because the quickest you got it, the quicker you’ll lose it.

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barshea lowery

Barshea Lowery is a writer, actor, and author, born and raised in Gary, Indiana. Entertaining and creativity came natural to him, having both parents equally skilled in the arts. Navigating to television scripts, he created three comedy series, one of which he mapped out 11 seasons and 265 episodes for. Barshea ventured into acting in 2014, being cast in a television pilot (The Bruce Bruce Show), and later signed to Aligned Stars Agency, booking one television role and two commercials. As an overall entertainer, Barshea remains humble and encourages change and progression.