Is Usher Off The Market Again?

Sorry ladies but this story might re-open old wounds. We have received reports from Love B. Scott that Usher Raymond is engaged to long-time girlfriend/Manager Grace Miguel.

The couple were spotted in Miami a couple weeks ago after Usher wrapped up the first leg of his tour. We have obtained pictures from Love B. Scott of the couple strolling around the city and if you look effortlessly at Grace’s left hand, you can see a whole planet of love mounted on her ring finger.


The couple also reportedly spent time together for Christmas with Grace’s family and friends along with two of Usher’s close friends.


It’s sad to hear this news right now as it is being drowned out by the recent screenshots and speculation around Usher and his Ex-wife Tameka Raymond alleged sex tape being shopped around. But all-in-all congratulations to the two love birds!

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