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You may know her as “ulovemegz” a popular YouTuber with over 450,000 subscribers. But behind the camera is a sweet girl from a small town. Megan “Megz” Lytle, is a Los Angeles Beauty Enthusiast and Web Personality that dedicates her existence as a glam guru. Kontrolbeauty conversed with her to discuss her thoughts on the beauty industry, YouTube, and new season trends.

youtuber ulovemegz
IMAGE – Megan “MEGZ” Lytle

Putting yourself on a social media platform for the world to see, judge, and follow is daring. But we’re lucky to have been blessed with this sensational beauty. Megz said

“I actually got started in 2009. I was in college to be a nurse. My father noticed I didn’t have much of a hobby. So he told me I needed to find something to do outside of school. At that time I was relaxed and I was on a relaxed hair journey. I loved women hair care forums. A lot of women used to ask me about hairstyles. So I started making videos.”

Not thinking she would be an online success, Megz created content for women as a hobby she grew to love.



youtuber ulovemegz
IMAGE – Megan “MEGZ” Lytle

Today, YouTube is over saturated with content and beauty gurus pop up every day. “ulovemegz” is considered an OG for women of color in the beauty game. “I’m just myself. I’m just generally happy to record videos. People can tell when you try to be fake. A lot of the content on YouTube is the same so you have to be different.”

With over 50 million views to date, she has been a go-to guru for on-set hairstyles, step-by-step tutorials, candid cosmetic commentary and rhythmic rants. But how did the guru turn her hobby into a stepping stone for business?

“I’ve learned throughout the years, I started this for fun. Now, it’s a business. I had to take it seriously. I cleaned up my content by buying new filming equipment, lighting, and backgrounds.”


youtuber ulovemegz
IMAGE – Megan “MEGZ” Lytle

But for anyone that wants to start a YouTube in 2017 new equipment isn’t all you need! She expressed “Personality! Personality and the flavor you bring to your channel. You have to be yourself. During the time I started, there weren’t many black relaxed hair girls. But, now it’s a lot of talent on YouTube. It’s all about personality and making people feel like you’re talking to your best friend.”

So all you men and women that are interested remember those tips from the OG. She also conveyed


“it is very difficult because it’s so many people doing the same thing. You have to be on point quicker. You have to capture their attention within the first 30 seconds.”

youtuber ulovemegz
IMAGE – Megan “MEGZ” Lytle

What is considered in the future for Megz? “The next thing I want to start is a hair care line.” Of course, she will always help her followers achieve their beauty and personal goals. Megan strives to utilize her personal journey as a platform to inspire, encourage and empower women for generations to come!

“I have a lot in the works. I want to continue my YouTube channel as far as my natural hair journey. Highlight the ups and downs of being relaxed and transitioning to natural. I am also excited for the future of having a hair care line.”

Beauty will always inspire her. “I can change my mood when I’m getting dress, I can be creative.” The fashionable and innovative guru gave us a highlight on the best trends this season.

“I’m loving the floral prints with clothing, I always wear black. As far as makeup, I always love a nice neutral look, and a simple highlight.”

We hope you enjoyed the tips from this queen. We can’t wait to see what else Megz have in store!


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