JJ Watt releases his new training sneaker with Reebok

JJ Watt, Houston Texans defensive end, has partnered with Reebok to release his long awaited shoe, the Reebok JJI. This is the athletes first shoe and he is doing things in a big way. The three time defensive player of the year is said to have a relentless pursuit of perfection and a legendary work ethic. Simply put, there’s no doubting that with Watt’s own ability to be great, he’s the shoes biggest influence.


In the mid-foot, FlexCage technology, a substructure cage with webbing tie-downs integrated into the upper, provides the lock-down feel without sacrificing agility and responsiveness, ensuring maximum transition of power. A second cage is integrated into the toe for added protection during jumping and pushing exercises.

We are all about taking your fitness to the next level. I firmly believe it starts and ends with a good shoe, one that supports your routine. The JJI  offers heel to toe stability that will help with those intense agility workouts. Watt claims its the best training shoe in the world, having tested the shoe and always been impressed with it.

The JJI will be available on Reebok.com, Academy stores, and other retailers nationwide on July 15, 2016, for $99.99. The first 10 purchases will also include a bespoke wooden box, signed by J.J. 


Keith Andre Collins

Fashion Writer

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