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Versatility & Style: KC Clark & Diallo Mitchell Interview

Versatility & Style: KC Clark & Diallo Mitchell Interview


KC Clark, Dialli Mitchell & Friend @flynessnostylist
KC Clark, Dialli Mitchell & Friend @flynessnostylist

From the popularity of social media, Instagram & Vine has successfully become not only a source of entertainment but as well as an outlet of self promotion & advertising; and that is what exactly funny man KC Clark & his best friend Diallo Mitchell have used these sites for. The twenty year old best friend duo from Detroit, Michigan has caught the attention of many from their infamous Keke & Tabitha videos which have found on Vine & Instagram. KC was whose real name is Kajaun Clark was basically raised around entertainment as he grew up in southwest Detroit. Growing up I always knew I wanted to be an entertainer” Said Clark,” my family was involved in the industry as far as music and dancing, and since they couldn’t fully pursue their dreams, I vowed to never get up on mine.” Mitchell whom is more so into fashion and free spirit sought to use social media to gain his experiences as an aspiring wardrobe stylist.   “I seriously love fashion, it is seriously a way for me to express myself more.” says Mitchell.  Unlike Clark, Mitchell was unsure if he really wanted to pursue a career in fashion, “I was actually in school to be a veterinarian but I then realized how much I really loved fashion modeling and networking with individuals.”

Diallo Mitchell & Mila J
Diallo Mitchell & Mila J

As both Clark & Mitchell set off to pursuing both their careers, they knew using each other’s strengths and ambition would lead them into the right direction, Clark said during the interview “Before Instagram, I was trying to figure out the next step in my life with everything I want to do.”, and Mitchell could relate as he revealed to me that college was a hard experience and led him to discourage himself.


KC Clark as “Keke”

As I stated before the center point behind the success of both Clark & Mitchell are the infamous characters Eke and Tabitha, and they kindly explained the origin to me. “Keke is every females ratchet side, in whatever situation; you’re going to have a keke moment” said Clark. He shared with the most of some of videos are improvised and that is what works mostly for his as a comedic actor “l’ll come up with this idea in my head and I begin to write it out , like a skit ,record it over and over again until I get it right.”  Both ambitious and driven young men these two individuals want to use instagram as more of a comedic outlet to the public. Mitchell wants to bring out his creative side as a wardrobe stylist and icon.

my stylist

KC Clark & Leah Stone, styled by Diallo Mitchel


l Clark informed of his current networking status as an upcoming actor and talent. “I’m actually working on that now, said Clark, I am still working on branding myself, and I didn’t know anything about it before instagram. He then added on by informing that he has a manger that handles all his bookings, but she gives me the freedom to promote and advertise myself as an individual.  Clark wants to use his versatility as an actor into full affect. He really wants to be taken seriously as an upcoming actor and wants to portray himself as a modernized Jamie Foxx.” He can play a very comedic role and character and then become very serious and dramatic within the blink of an eye.”  Says Clark.



Due to the success of Keke and Tabitha , the duo has gotten the chance to team with a number of people, and has received recognition from artist, socialites, and business owners. ” We definitely get a lot of hosting gigs, events, clubs, parties, etc and it a good look for us because people are very supportive of us and that is a true blessing” said the duo. Both Clark and Mitchell come very supportive families whom want them succeed. Even though they love their hometown Detroit, they are certain that it is not the best place to grow in both industry which they are gearing toward. Mitchell stated “We aren’t the common Detroiters so we had to realize to be our own persons and individuals; I realized that with my sense of style and Kajuan with his versatility in everything he does.”


Courtesy of @__Mystylist

Clark & Mitchell have traveled across most of the nation due to booking for events, and as they continue to venture off with their careers I asked them where they see themselves in five years. ”I definitely want to do fashion week for brands such as Balmain and Givenchy said Mitchell, Also I would love to style Kanye West, Gwen Stefani but mostly Rihanna” Clark then answered by saying “In five years I see myself starring in big movie and actual having enough money to but my mom a car and a house, also becoming a more serious actor who can play multiple roles as well as a known entertainer; nothing more or less than that.

kc & diallo

KC Clark & Diallo


Mitchell Clark and Mitchell not only have a drive and ambition, but also humbleness and well rounded attitudes that will successfully ensure them potential growth in the areas which they seek to conquer in the future.  As long as they continue to benefit each other, they will be able to overcome any tough obstacles in life and career wise.  I wish these nothing but the best in life and expect to see many great things from them


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