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[VIDEO] An Emotional Roller Coaster! “Secrets”is Salacious, Scandalous, & AMAZING!

Sometimes films get repetitive. There are moments when you feel as though you have seen every story line any drama has to offer, and then you are hit with a film that makes you rethink all of that. You walk away feeling heated, flushed, and overall ready to see what the director’s next film will be. All those sensations describe the emotional roller coaster of the movie, Secrets!

secrets the movie

The film centers on Tarron Jenkins (Harold House Moore) a successful businessman who seems to have it all, but feels his marriage has become dull and boring. He often opts to cheat on his wife, Secret (Denyce Lawton) rather than address their marital problems. Secret is often left insecure, wondering how they should fix their problems and who he is seeing. Tarron, however, seems to have everything under control until he meets his beautiful co-worker, Victoria Campbell (Denise Boutte). Victoria is vivacious, confident, and most of all seductive; pulling him into an affair just may tear his entire world apart!

This film had it all; love, drama, sex, power, and most of all secrets! We all have secrets and this film addresses that. All too often it is so easy to point the finger at someone else’s life and tell them what they are doing wrong. Interestingly, and in actuality, they too have their own secrets that could be just as devastating or worst! This film is truly relatable. If you have ever been unhappy in any relationship, been someone who has cheated or been cheated on, or even has family issues you will find yourself right in line with the characters of this film.

secrets the movie

Last night celebrities and influencers such as Kandi Burrus, Todd Tucker, Traci Steele,  Best Selling Author Miasha, Married To Medicine’s Genise Shelton, BET’s Ink Paper Scissors cast member Danni  and more attended the red carpet premiere of Secrets the Movie at Midtown Art Cinema.  Attendees were privy to the full length feature film starring Denise Boutte, Harold “House” Moore, Dennis “LA” White,  Denyce Lawton. and Kiya Roberts.  Executive producer Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood and Director Juwan Lee participated in a Q & A after the premiere, along with Kiya Roberts and Dennis White.

 You can really appreciate the time, work, and energy that went into making Secrets such a success. The cast was nothing short of amazing. The chemistry and acting were on point! Let’s not forget to mention we loved seeing our celebrity friend to the site, Tobias Truvillion, as Tarron’s voice of reason! We attended the Atlanta premiere of the film and were amazed by the love, support, and gathering of celebrities and the press. This may be an independent film, but it was nothing less than an A-List work of art!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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