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[VIDEO] All The Hail The King! “Black Ink Crew’s” Ceaser Can’t Be Stopped!

[VIDEO] All The Hail The King! “Black Ink Crew’s” Ceaser Can’t Be Stopped!

It is no secret we love VH-1’s Black Ink Crew! The drama, controversy, mayhem, and of course the tattoos, keep us coming back every season for more and more. The latest season of Black Ink Crew starts tonight; and Kontrol Magazine and HeyMikeyATL was more than happy to catch up with reality star and tattoo royalty, Ceaser Emanuel! Ceaser is known for his “no nonsense, do what I feel, you ain’t gotta like my swag” attitude and we all love him for it. Nowadays he is focusing less on drama and more on making moves by expanding his franchise and seeing what the world has to offer as a SINGLE man! “Season 5 is lit man…So much is happening [that] VH-1 had to move us to our own night on Wednesdays at eight…It’s gonna be one of those seasons man. The fans are really gonna like it. I feel like it may be the best one yet!”

ceaser emmanuel black ink crew

            Each season of Black Ink Crew does seem to top the last. Whether it is Ceaser making moves, Dutchess and someone else in the shop feuding, or Teddy’s “sexcapades;” this is definitely one reality show that keeps us on our toes! “Yo listen this is our lives man, if we were able to put together a regular show like this and plan it would make millions, like you can’t dream this stuff up! Our production company don’t even have to do nothing but run the cameras…if people were to see every day what our lives are they would be crazy, the cameras don’t even catch the best parts…Like one time we walked in T-Mobile and this crackhead started wiggin’ out!” He reveals. We definitely agree with him as while the seasons air we are entertained by their shenanigans; but off season the drama continues and spreads thanks to a little gossip and a lot of blogging!

ceaser emmanuel and dutchess lattimore

            As you may already know, Ceaser and Dutchess are no longer engaged and have completely broken up. (Much to our chagrin.) Late last year it was revealed the couple called it quits after a woman surfaced claiming to be pregnant by him! Naturally it spread across celebrity gossip sites like wildfire! Ceaser vehemently denies this rumor and cites him and Dutchess wanting different things in life. “Yo I’m so tired of talking about this. Like where is this girl I supposedly got a baby with? Where are the pictures? What’s her name? Where’s she located? Like real talk, because I don’t know who she is walking around talking about she got a baby with me. If the story was real wouldn’t she have reached out by now? I mean you see a dude doing good for himself, and on TV, and stuff and you not tryna claim a piece of that and you got a baby? Get outta here. I got one child and that’s my daughter who take care of and play an active role in her life. I ain’t no deadbeat.”

He went on to discuss elaborate on where he stands with Dutchess. “We just on two separate pages and want different things outta life. I’m tryna expand my franchise to everywhere; Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami—I want ‘Black Ink Crew’ shows in every major city! She wanna be down in North Carolina and ain’t nothing poppin’ down there…There wasn’t no cheating, like when do I have the time? I’m about my business and now I’m enjoying being single…I still love her and wish her the best, but at the end of the day people gotta do what’s best for themselves…” Naturally, we searched for pictures and the identity of this alleged “baby mama” and no one seems to know who she is. Perhaps it is just a rumor. Either way Ceaser makes it very clear he is ready to move on with his life with or without Dutchess. We too wish her the best.

vh-1 black ink crew logo

As aforementioned, Ceaser plans to expand the Black Ink Crew Franchise to other cities. Currently there is a hit spin-off with Black Ink Crew Chicago, but it seems Atlanta is next! Ceaser confirms he is eyeing Atlanta for the location of his next shop. “Atlanta has a lot going on and I need to be in the mix of that….Anytime I come down there anyway it’s like a family reunion there because everybody down there is from up here…I’m asking people like ‘where you been?’  [He laughs]. I’m looking to purchase some space in the next week or so, so you might be hearing something soon.” We definitely agree a Black Ink Crew Atlanta would be amazing! After all “The A” is the home to dozens of hit reality series. What is one more when the formula is proven to work time and again? Besides expansion he also working on his health, determined to become too hot to handle in the next few months. “Ya’ll probably noticed me and Teddy lost some weight. We been really focusing on our health, eating right, and working out. We even got a trainer. He a big ass dude to and he be kicking our ass in the gym and its showing!”

Honestly, Ceaser Emanuel has to be one of the coolest people to ever grace the landscape of reality television. He is the persona that keeps on giving. He truly makes being tatted and business savvy look extremely good. Just be sure you catch him and the rest of the cast on the season premiere of Black Ink Crew tonight on VH-1 at 8 PM EST!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning



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