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Vilebrequin Have Men Covered in the Swimsuit Department

Vilebrequin Have Men Covered in the Swimsuit Department

Photo Credit: Blar Devereaux/Model: Jeremy Doxie of Radar Men

Has anyone ever wondered why do women put a lot of effort into picking out a swimsuit, while men have no problems getting something from JC Penny’s or Wal-Mart? It’s like men decide to pick out a swimsuit on their way down the aisle to get some eggs. With one month left in the Summer, there’s still time for guys to go out and get a swimsuit. However, maybe this time men should do like women and actually shop for one, which is where Vilebrequin comes in.

You’d think that picking a swimsuit would be super simple for men, but if you check out Vilebrequin’s website you’ll find out that you were wrong. The swimsuit brand provides an amazing collection tailored perfectly for the needs of men. They have long ones, short ones, fitted ones, and even the classics with the elastic waistband. That’s a throwback for the guys who doubled their swimsuits for athletic shorts. By the way, not a great idea for several reasons.
Photo Credit: Blar Devereaux/Model: Jeremy Doxie of Radar Men
Their products are made from a material called polyamide, which is common in swimsuits. In fact, most other brands use a blend of polyamide with other materials, at a ratio of 60%-80% polyamide. However, Vilebrequin uses 100% which provides better quality for customers. Also, most of their swimsuits for men come with side-pockets and one in the back with velcro. Just in case, you have to carry something valuable that you don’t mind getting wet. Like keys for instance.
If you’re particular about the aesthetic that of your swimsuit, there are an assortment of patterns and prints to choose from. Some of the popular ones have turtles, crabs, palm trees, and other beach appropriate designs. Men can also pick out ones with cool patterns that resemble fish scales. But for the simple guys, Vilebrequin has your back with several solid colors.

For over 50 years, Vilebrequin has specialized in high-end swimsuits for men and women. The French brand has several stores in North America, and almost three times as many stores across Europe. It also has a couple of stores on the continents of Africa and Asia, which all adds up to 150 stores.

Photo Credit: Blar Devereaux/Model: Jeremy Doxie of Radar Men
When it comes to sizes, men can shop all the way up to 5X, which is a 44-inch waist. So, we’re not leaving out any of you “Big & Tall” guys. Swimsuits for children are also available. However, don’t think that you can only rely on Vilebrequin for swimsuits because they produce t-shirts, polo shirts, linen button-ups, sweaters, and shorts as well. Which ties in well to the whole concept of having fun with your clothes on at the barbecue, before stripping down for the pool or an ocean dip.
Prices for Vilebrequin’s swimsuits vary between $190-$590. It seems like a lot for something that you’ll only wear to the beach or to a pool party. Consider the quality of those swimsuits that you see at Wal-Mart and KMart, which usually break down after one season. Instead of going through swimsuit after swimsuit, it’s smarter to invest in something made of quality. Plus it pays off to make sure that you’re always looking hot in those inevitable vacation photos that will be plastered all over social media.
Photographer: Blar Devereaux

Model: Jeremy Doxie of Radar Men
Groomer: Lovetta Beauty
Wardrobe Stylist: Brandon Foster
Assistant: Shenae Johnson


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