Vince Camuto x Aldo shoes! A collab that makes me jump for joy!

Image of store front aldo shoe store
Aldo Shoes store front Fair Oaks Mall

Shoe addicts, Christmas has come early! Aldo and Vince Camuto merging is the next best thing to come!

Since the death of fashion designer Vince Camuto  in 2015, the Camuto Group has held down the fork with creative and unique designs. But, maybe there was one thing missing? What was missing was a collaboration. And, Aldo comes along! Aldo will acquire the accessories and footwear of Vince Camuto!

Image of Vince Camuto store
Vince Camuto store front Orange County, California Getty Images

Founder Aldo Bensadoun brand Aldo, has been quite successful with selling their own brand of shoes since 1972 and later in 1993 expanding to United States which has led to 3,000 store locations worldwide, according to the company website. Aldo has been seeking growth for some time. This merge is perfect and beneficial for both Camuto and Aldo. According to reports in NY Times Camuto Group believes this deal is perfect for family assets and inheritance.

This merge comes days after the announcement of Michael Kors buying Jimmy Choo for  $1.2 Billion. And, in May Coach paid $2.4 Billion for Kate Spade. Lately, fashion designers and fashion brands have merged and collaborated with others and celebrities for retail and exposure  growth.

There hasn’t been any dates provided, but what we do know is Vince Camuto shoes and accessories will not be sold in Aldo locations, but sold in separate locations. Could a Vince Camuto store be approaching?!  With so many retailer stores closing Aldo has stood with the test of time and another store for Vince Camuto only is much needed. The household names will keep and bring in more customers. There are similarities and approaches that both brands share.

After our first meeting, I immediately felt synergy between the two organizations. – Alex Del Cielo of Camuto Group.

Let’s hope that Christmas really does come earlier and we get an preview of what’s to come for ALDO x CAMUTO collab. My shoe addiction will be much worse.


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