Virgin Hair: Choosing the Perfect Wigs to Compliment Your Style and Beauty

Weaves are not only versatile but also offer a more natural feel as well as give you a break from regular heat styling, product exposure and pollution that usually damage natural hair. All you need to do is moisturize and treat your hair before putting the weave and change then it after 4 to 6 weeks.

While there is a perfect weave for every type of hair and face, not every weave is gorgeous, healthy and most importantly works for you. For that instant gratification, you need to find that weave that compliments both your style and beauty. So, how do you go about getting just that?

  • Look at the weave texture

Weave textures vary as much natural hair and it is important to choose one that will look like your natural hair or at least when it is straightened. This is because you will want them to look as natural on you as possible so that it compliments and not contradict the beauty features that you already have.

For instance, it would be unbelievable if your hairline displays tightly coiled hair while you are putting on a straight weave. Definitely, the two will not have originated from the same scalp.

  • Consider the hair style and your lifestyle

There are numerous weave hairstyles out there but choosing the right one for your lifestyle can be a hard task. You may need to look at online reviews like these wigs from Mayvenn hair reviewed to see which features would be good for you.

Weaves can either be sewn in or fixed as frontals and closures using an adhesive or strong hair gel. These adhesives break down if they come in contact with water and are also cumbersome in you are involved in activities that make you sweat regularly. Using short length weaves is also good if you work in a busy environment.

A closure or leave-out may be necessary if you are a frequent traveler and always on the go since they require little time for maintenance.

  • Know the shape of your face

virgin hair wigNot every weave hairstyle is right for all kinds of face shapes. The shape of your face can either be round, oval, square, oblong or heart and your weave should be able to flatter it. Knowing the shape of your face starts with pulling your hair completely back and then looking at the mirror and analyzing it using a face shape chart available to you.

Heart shaped faces go with bobs, ponytails and updos while round faces go with either braids or pixie cuts. An oblong face beauty is enhanced with long or medium length weaves while square faces are flattered with bowl cuts or big curly weaves like goldilocks curls.

  • Vary the Color, texture and length

Your beauty will always be enhanced if you wear a weave that compliments your skin tone. You might also need to custom-blend the color and texture of your weave so that it becomes realistic and stylish at the same time. You should also mix various lengths throughout in order to reduce the hair bulk.

Hair weaves and wigs go a long way in enhancing your beauty and style but only if you choose and wear them correctly. There are many companies to buy from but make sure to confirm if they are of good quality.


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