Vogue India Faces Backlash for Kendall Jenner Cover!

Kendall Jenner cannot win this year! It seems like everything she is appearing is highly controversial. We think her “momager,” Kris Jenner needs to do a much better job in picking her jobs.

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 This time around Kendall’s in trouble thanks to Vogue India. The Indian publication of the popular fashion magazine receives a backlash for putting her on the cover of its 10th Anniversary Issue.

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rs 765x1060 170502162348 765 kendall jenner printmariotestino1Earlier this week, Vogue India revealed its 10th-anniversary collector’s edition issue with the tagline “Indian Affair” and guess who was on the cover?

How about Indian actress, philanthropist and Miss World 2000, Priyanka Chopra? Nope. Miss World 1994 turned actress Aishwarya Rai? Guess again. Or how about one of the highest paid actresses in the world, Deepika Padukone? Wrong.

Instead, they chose Kendall Jenner.

The major publication made the announcement on their Instagram account and received immediate backlash about “whitewashing” and how many little Indian girls they’ve let down once again. Critics brought up the point that the publication is putting white beauty over Indian beauty and it saddens them.

Here’s the catch, they included Indian actors, actresses and models inside the milestone issue but none made the cut to grace the cover. That speaks volumes.

Vogue India or has yet to make a comment. Kendall Jenner either but I think it’s for the better. She’s already 0-3 for 2017 with the Pepsi controversy and promoting that epic Fyre Festival fiasco.

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Yeah, we definitely think this may be a cause for outrage. Accusations if whitewashing have tanked a number of major films and businesses in recent years as the demand for authenticity and representation is only increasing. To put it simply there are some major Indian stars or celebrities that should have been on that cover for an issue that big. The subcontinent/country of India is one filled with millions of people of color. Hey Vogue India how about actually providing some positive reinforcement for citizens of the country you’re actually representing?

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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