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The Voice that Brought us “Empire!” Get to Know V Bozeman!

The Voice that Brought us “Empire!” Get to Know V Bozeman!

What does it mean to be a star? Fame, parties, glamor, and a fat bank account usually come to mind. These, however, are only the material aspects a celebrity status can bring. Where is the depth, the talent, and the need for expression? These questions often go unanswered, thankfully there are people like Veronika “V” Bozeman to keep us in perspective and remind us what it is really all about. You know her as the dynamic voice that introduced you to Fox’s new hit series, Empire, but soon you will know her as a rare talent, true beauty, and a woman in “Kontrol” of her destiny. Clear your calendars ladies and gentleman it’s time you truly get to know V Bozeman!



“Who is V Bozeman?” One might ask. It seems to be a simple question, and honestly it is. She is an amazing artist on the right track to having it all. In her own words she is humble; “I am just a woman who is determined to use her God given talents to make manifest my destiny and if I touch someone with these gifts I am even more humbled…” You may have met V via the pilot episode of Empire, but she is not new to the game or music. (Does the song, Till The End of Time with Timothy Bloom ring a bell?) She has been singing since the age of five and was raised in the church, there she was truly tutored in the art of music and in part honed her voice into the divine instrument we all find ourselves drawn to. “…church was an excellent foundation for me, especially in this business…my mother knew what I wanted to do from an early age so I was kept in choirs where I received a lot of attention…that helped me stay grounded too…singing for God and constant improvement…”

V admits the rode to stardom has not been easy, but she has stayed the course and feels like she is in the right place, at the right time in her life. “It’s all been really amazing how I have ended up where I am and it’s been nothing short of a journey…” On Empire V is “Veronica,” one of Empire Entertainment’s biggest stars. We first met her when Lucious compelled her to use the pain of loss to really sing her latest track with some much needed emotion. Her ballad, What Is Love? has since become one of the most sought after singles on the internet. “I think that song is so alluring because it’s so relatable…everyone’s been in love or loved someone at some point and time and we all question it from time to time…” V assures us we are not done seeing Veronica on the show and she will be making even more appearances in the second season of the series. Interestingly, her character has been so well received there are rumors of an Empire spinoff centering on her in the works. “Is that what you heard? I’d be all for it! All I can tell you is there are some big things in store for her so stay tuned!”


Never shy about discussing any of her experiences, she admits she loves working with Terrence Howard and feels they have great chemistry. “The first day we worked together he told me he could tell I had a strong spirit and would go far…he’s nothing short of amazing…” She definitely feels his character, Lucious Lyon, can be brutal and has high hopes for one of the Lyon sons to take over the company. “I’m rooting for Jussie [Smollett]—I mean Jamal [she laughs]. I feel like he’s the most talented and the most like Lucious…once this cloud of homophobia is lifted from Lucious he will see that he’s the best choice…” She will not reveal if Veronica will end up with any of the Lyon men, but if she had to personally pick it would be Jamal yet again. “Jussie is just a sweetheart and even though Jamal is gay he could be my play husband…”

When it comes to her own love life Miss Bozeman admits it is on hold and that she and music are currently dating. She feels this so much so that her upcoming debut album is entitled Music Is My Boyfriend! “I really believe that. Personally and professionally I’ve been through so much with music…sometimes I’ve left it, sometimes it’s left me…It’s like a real relationship that you just know is meant to be…” Indeed V’s future with music is bright; besides her album she has another collaboration, Opera Noir, in the works with music producer, Timbaland. The first single, Smile, will be released on March 23rd. V admits that although there is no one serious in her life, she has friends and does allow them to take her out for a drink or two.

"Jamal Lyon," portrayed by Jussie Smollett
“Jamal Lyon,” portrayed by Jussie Smollett

All work and no play can make for a very dull existence. V realizes this and when she’s not melting hearts with her vocals or getting into character, she is home chilling with her best friend. “I’m always doing my thing with recording and filming and she’s a dentist when we both have the time we get together and grab something to eat or just laugh and catch up…I really love her…” Relaxation may be a key to her stellar good looks, but she has two even more simple beauty tips involving Vaseline and facials. “I apply a thin layer of Vaseline on my skin because I have a dry skin type…ladies do yourself a favor and get you a facial at least every two weeks…get that skin cleansed and exfoliated and young looking!”
God bless the woman who has her own on her own, and one of those women would be V Bozeman. Wisely, however, she realizes she stands on the shoulders of giants and looks to the great divas of the past like Whitney Houston, Patti LaBelle, and Aretha Franklin for inspiration. You may think you know V by watching a few episodes of Empire, but you are wrong. Emerge yourself, drink the Koolaide and dive into the experience that is V Bozeman! She is here to stay!


Twitter: @ThatGirl_V

Instagram: @vbozeman



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