Wait…A NEW Sex and the City in the works?

Sex and The City took us all by storm and as we’ve been dying for more so many shows have been created to fill the void. Yet nothing has been able to step in for our girls Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte, and Carrie. Until now nothing like this has ever really seen the light of day. Someone should be saying thank you to Tyra Banks.


Sebastien "@TheGayBestie" Gaudin

As a New Jersey native it came to no surprise when Sebastien birthed a knack for writing. During his college days the young blogger gained experience through international talkers such as The Maury Show and The Mo’nique Show. After years of interning and assisting the aspiring journalist threw caution to the wind and launched The Gay Bestie, LLC. Ladies brace yourselves because Sebastien is taking you places where you’ll be sure to blush and share a laugh! He’s giving exactly what’s been missing. Grab you’re favorite beverage (i.e. red wine), sit back, and prepare to gab about this with your girlfriends the minute you see them.

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