Wale Reveals “The Album About Nothing” Cover Art And Track-list!

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With his single “The Body” still lingering in the bedrooms, the new single “The Matrimony” fresh on our plates, and the mixtape “Festivus” as appetizer that only made us hungrier, Wale hits us with a track-list and cover art for his upcoming album…that’s apparently about nothing.


Wale revealed the cover art for his forthcoming album “The Album About Nothing” in which Wale continues his collection of projects inspired by his favorite television show “Seinfeld” along with his close friend, Jerry Seinfeld himself. The cover art was done by artist and close friend of Wale, Sue Tsai, who also did the artwork for the single, “Bad”. The D.C native explained the meaning behind the artwork done by Sue:

“Me and Jerry. Walkin up and U see a blue moon Illuminating. This is basically saying come with me on the journey that is my everything. My life. This is my fears my thoughts my dreams my Demons. For better or worse. Cover number 3 was created by my good friend sue tsai. It’s designed for my core fans.”

Wale also dropped the track-list for the album as well.


1.      The Intro About Nothing

  1. The Helium Balloon
  2. The White Shoes
  3. The Pessimist
  4. The Middle Finger
  5. The One Time In Houston
  6. The Girls On Drugs
  7. The God Smile
  8. The Need To Know
  9. The Success
  10. The Glass Egg
  11. The Bloom
  12. The Matrimony
  13. The Body

Wale’s “The Album About Nothing” will release March 31st but is available for pre-order now here!

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