Wang’s Departure from Balenciaga

Alexander Wang’s tenure at Balenciaga will come to close reportedly after the Spring 2016 show during Paris Fashion Week.  Thus after October 7th, Wang will no longer be designing for Balenciaga.  It is unclear whether Wang was let go or if it was by his own decision to not renew his contract. His time at Balenciaga has been short lived as he was hired onto the brand in 2012.


So why has this American designer been unable to last at this iconic French fashion house? Seemingly, Wang has been able to bring a new awareness and hipness to the long-standing brand. He has infused the spanish-influenced line with a dose of downtown flair. Wang was able to create a more commercially appealing Balenciaga. Translating into increased sales, plans to open more storefronts and an expansion into knitwear.

Alexander Wang

Perhaps the stumbling block that lead to the eventual end of his term was that he embodied too much street in his designs. Under Wang’s reign Balenciaga lost it bright colors in exchange for black and white. The line became more goth-grunge instead of feminine and brilliant. While season after season did not disappoint on the runway for Wang. Yet, it seems like Wang’s vision was in discordance to the legacy of Balenciaga.


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