Wang’s Says Good-bye to Balenciaga

On the merry-go-around that are designers at major fashion houses. Alexander Wang bites the dust as he moves on from his role as designer for Balenciaga. Yesterday, Balenciaga showed it’s S/S 2016 collection. This is Wang’s last show with the fashion house.


His tenure with Balenciaga has been a short one as he has only been with the brand for 2 years.  He celebrated his last hoorah by featuring an all-white collection full of satin, silk and lace. Symbolically this collection signaled Wang’s’ contentment with moving on; signaling a rebirth and the coming of something new for the long-standing brand.


As always Wang stayed true to his sporty infused style, but this time it was romanced with cute baby doll dress, relaxed slacks and dainty lace slippers.While he was able to make Balenciaga a more recognizable brand by the downtown crowd, somewhere a long the way the true essence of the fashion house was lost. So its no wonder that there was a mutual agreement for Wang to move on. He has a great brand that he is building in New York. I am sure his Alexander Wang brand is going to skyrocket once he can put all of his focus on it again.

No word yet on who will take over for the house. So in the meantime let’s just enjoy this collection

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