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Want to keep your makeup fresh? YOU MAKE THE CALL!!

Have you ever saw a person with makeup on and it looks extremely dry? Do you wonder why their face is hard as bricks? Let me give you a clue. They are probably using the wrong products or even make up tools that have expired. Check out this run down and experience the way to keep your look fresh all day.


  1. KEEP YOUR TOOLS CLEAN! Dirty, improperly stored makeup brushes, sponges and applicators actually have stuff living on them! Dip a dirty brush into a new product and you’ve just turned it into a Petri dish thus contaminating your brand new product and significantly shortening its useful life. Having this in mind won’t only keep your skin healthy, it’s one of the ways to keep your makeup fresh as well. It will certainly help you get the most out of those baked and powder products that can start smelling funky in just a few months, or last well over a year, all depending on how clean they are being kept.
  2. REFRIGERATE! Refrigerating your face creams, liquid foundations, lipsticks, even eyeliners and mascaras will keep them fresh and fragrant for months to come! You may choose to do this in summer; limit yourself to only a few products you’re planning to set aside for some time or make an all-year-round habit out of it.
  3. STORE CAREFULLY! Broken or lidless packages won’t only make your makeup collection look a messy, pitiful thing but affect its expiration date quite a bit as well. Your liquid products will dry faster, your lipsticks will start smelling bad very quickly and don’t even get me started on all those powders and baked products. The mess they make if there’s nothing to seal them, as well as dirt and organisms that will settle in there. Recap a product after each use, store them neatly so they wouldn’t break and, in case damage does occur, replace a product and discard the broken package.


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