“She Wanted To Meet Her Daddy…” Raven Symone is Back on TV & Ready to Take over “Empire!”

Fox’s hit series, Empire, was nothing short of stellar again! The latest episode, Out, Damn Spot, delivered quite a whammy with six powerful words, “She wanted to meet her daddy…” Raven Symone is back on television as “Olivia,” the alleged mother of Jamal Lyon’s (Jussie Smollett) daughter! Raven looked every bit “Cookie-ish” as she insisted on meeting The Lyons. We got to see a darling little girl and Raven with a look in her eyes that said she was hungry for a piece of Empire too!  We definitely know from clips of upcoming episodes she and Jamal were intimate and therefore the little princess very well might be his. One has to wonder what kind of problems this will cause for Jamal. Between dealing with his father’s homophobia, Hakeem’s antics, and Michael’s insecurities he has a lot on his plate.


Raven’s appearance on the show is not surprising as she and Jussie are best friends in real life and her partner, AzMarie Livingston, has a recurring role as Hakeem’s stud friends in his crew. This addition of a child from the two of them points to old rumors of him fathering a child with her years ago. A role for Miss Symone is a big deal as her luck with television shows since That’s So Raven has been lackluster. It has been confirmed she will reappear on the Empire again before the first season finale. What she has in store for The Lyons leaves me excited. Happy hunting Olivia!

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