[VIDEO/TRAILER] “War for The Planet of The Apes!”

All hail the Ape King! Caesar is back and his battle against humanity ups the ante in the third fourth installation of The Planet of The Apes, and third prequel, in War for The Planet of The Apes!

When we last left see Caesar and his apes, humanity had been decimated by the same virus that made apes intelligent. After a conflict caused by Caesar’s traitorous lieutenant in the last film has become a full fledged war between apes and mankind.

war for the planet of the apes movie poster

Although The Monkey King is hesitant to destroy humanity due to his lingering love for the human who raised him, he soon realizes some of them will never stop until they have eradicated all apes. The war for Earth is on and it looks like neither side is backing down. Family, friendship, and survival–it’s all high stakes in War for The Planet of The Apes! Check out the trailer on the next page!

This trailer is nothing short of amazing, and stands as proof that the Summer 2017 blockbuster movie season is going to be nothing short of amazing. The aspect of this film we love the most is how developed and layered Caesar is. You want to root for him as he defends his family and people, but at the same time you realize humans are now an endangered species and you want them to survive. Still, Woody Harrelson as “The Colonel” is nothing short of maniacal and desperate. We definitely want to see what his plan is as he attempts to exterminate the apes. It is sort of a Magneto argument–sympathizing with a “villain” who has a righteous cause.

woody harrelson in war for the planet of the apes
Woody Harrelson as “The Colonel” in “War for The Planet of The Apes”

Whose side are you on? The Apes or the humans? Let us know in the comments’ section below and be sure you catch War for the Planet of The Apes in theaters nationwide July 14th!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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