Warning! Hair Hazard: Use At Your Own Risk

A lot of us women love our wigs and weaves but there is a fine line to cross when it comes to our beauty and our health. Although wearing wigs and weaves can allow us to change our hairstyles whenever we want, we must be cautious of some of the consequences such as damaged edges or even skin.

Recently, celebrity Countess Vaughn, made an appearance on CBS’, “The Doctors” to discuss her experience with using hair glue and tape for her lace front wigs. According to Vaughn, each time that you remove your lace front wig from your head you are removing a layer of skin. Imagine wearing lace front wigs for a long period of time, while using adhesives that could potentially discolor and infect your scalp. Because Vaughn wore lace front wigs consistently for a number of years, her scalp became infected and as a result, others thought that she suffered from vitiligo.

While taping “The Doctors”, Vaughn shared her hair horror story. “The red flag was the oozing from my ears, from my forehead, the whole nape around my head… the puss, it had a horrible smell it was painful. I let this go by for 6 months,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn’s experience should be a reminder to the rest of us about the consequences of certain beauty products such as adhesives used when installing a weave or wig. Try doing a hand test by applying a small amount of hair glue to ensure that your skin does not have a reaction to the product. Also, make sure that you are installing your weaves and removing them properly to avoid damage to your edges or skin. Ultimately, the easiest way to avoid this health issue is to let your hair breathe and embrace your hair for what it is.

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