Watch the “Get Hard” Trailer!

With Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart on the big screen together, be prepared to leave the theater with abs of steal from tons of laughter. We have the new trailer for their upcoming comedy flick “Get Hard”.


The movie is about a rich suburban man by the name of James King, played by Will Ferrell, facing jail time at one of the most dangerous correctional facilities in town. He calls on an African-American character named Darnell Lewis, played by Kevin Hart, to teach him how to be “hard” and to help him gain protection in the pin by linking up with a gang by the name of the Crenshaw Kings led by a character played by rapper T.I.

Darnell agrees to help King, under monetary incentives, by taking James through a series of scenarios and training to prepare him for his bid in San Quentin for fraud charges.

Kevin Hart hasn’t been slowing down as he is in theaters right now with his movie “The Wedding Ringer” starring Josh Gad and now gearing for his sequel to “Ride Along 2” alongside Ice Cube which is slated to release early next year.

You’ll get to see how Kevin prepares Will for thug life in their hilarious movie “Get Hard” March 27th. You can check out the trailer below.

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