[WATCH] R&B Divas LA Reunion Gets REAL!!

If you missed the R&B Divas LA reunion last night, don’t worry we gotcha covered. Queen of talk Wendy Williams did not bit her tongue and asked questions that people were dying to know. As we all know Dawn wasn’t at the reunion and Wendy spoke exactly what I was thinking, it should be in their contracts that attend the reunion shows are mandatory or you don’t get paid.

Well over on twittah, Dawn had a lot to say.

Tweeties, most of u already heard that I did NOT do the reunion, (((GASP))) lol! Ppl act like I missed the 2nd coming of Christ lol! I didnt do it bcuz I dont do bufoonery. I get enuff of that here on my page everyday! Thx 4 understanding…DEETS coming soon xo!

Buffoonery? Chile, the ONLY buffoonery that was going on was with “I’m Booked” Kelly. Kelly was FULL of excuses which was no surpise.

Catch the full video below.






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