When you think you have saw it all. We are here to remind you, you haven’t. Farah Dhukai, is the go-to DIY beauty guru that millions of beauty lovers follow. She is always giving us an insight on having beautiful skin and different ways to improve it organically. In her latest video Farah Dhukai, showed her followers how to achieve the “perfect hairline.” The video hit over 5 million views and a lot of people had mixed feelings but what do you think?

farah dhukai famous beauty guruCHANGE YOUR FACE SHAPE with the PERFECT HAIRLINE!

“Perfect hairline = extra AF ..but if your gorilla hairy like I am, your hairiness ends up taking over you entire life!! My baby hairs have taken over my forehead and because there’s so much hair, it gives the illusion that my face shape is a pear – I CHANGE MY FACESHAPE from looking like a pear to an oval, just by fixing my hairline!

This is a simple natural wax recipe that is super inexpensive to make, lasts forever and can be used TWO ways.

Option #1 you can use it as a liquid consistency with a muslin cloth like “traditional wax”

Option #2 you can let the wax cool a little and use it with NO STRIPS (this is the way I use it cause its quicker and easier and I like easy)

To make the wax:

✅1 cup granulated sugar

✅1 tsp sea salt

✅2 tbsp lemon juice (or vinegar)

✅2 tbsp water


Heat in microwave for a total of 6 mins, but stop every 1 min to stir (it should be the color of maple syrup once it’s done)

Tip: I use Pyrex bowls and i always use a bowl bigger than what I need cause this boils and rises up pretty fast/high

Let it cool and then use as #1 or #2

Instagram postSteps for the perfect hairline

  1. Tie your hair into a tight pony
  2. Brush the hair you want to remove forward – trim the long ones with scissors cause long hair + wax = oh no baby what is you doing
  3. Apply cornstarch so it doesn’t hurt as bad
  4. Hold your hair back and apply wax to hair you want gone
  5. Bye unwanted hair – I don’t wax the baby hairs in the middle cause I like it looking natural

farah dhukai famous beauty guruIf you want the most perfect hairline on earth that makes your hair look super thick and full use toppix to fill in the gaps. These are tiny little fibers that look like hair!! Perfect for little bald spots too! Looks way more natural than filling in with eye shadow. You can get this at sally’s beauty supply. (Cover your face while spraying these on! – use a shield, your finger, anything u find)

Hairspray to lock them in place and BOOM your hairline will look perfect and your hair will look SO thickkkkkkkkkkk and full ❤” – Farah Dhukai

Disclaimer: Test patch 1st

Leah Gordone

Executive Beauty Director

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