Wedding Day Wonderful

Wedding Day Wonderful

Weddings are a lovely time to celebrate love, life and good times. Below are just some tips to make sure the classy affair or happiness looks wonderful for all time.



When it comes to makeup for the bride, do not go for something bold and outrageous. Now is the time to highlight and enhance the bride’s natural beauty. You still have to follow the basics, such as moisturizing your skin and using a primer before applying your foundation. Always remember that the pictures will last forever and when in doubt, stick to classic and timeless makeup. Also, go for beautiful lashes and apply blush on the apples of the cheek for a natural flushed look. The KISS theory can be applied here and you will not go wrong.

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As Bridesmaids, your makeup mission is not upstage the bride. Natural as possible is best. Nothing too flashy, otherwise you may look a bit off. Don’t try to go for a bright pink or a metallic purple lipstick. Nudes are your friend. You don’t want the other guest talking about you.

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The guest of a wedding get the chance to be a little bit more fun, but still should be respectful to the wedding party. Avoid super bright lips such as robin’s egg blue aka Tiffany Blue. If you want to have a nice splash of color, try to have a bold eye look. Use glitter to enhance the eye look, but the rest of your makeup look should compliment the rest of your face.

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Groom and The Groomsmen

Show up and be clean with a fresh cut! If you have a blemish, it’s okay to use a concealer.

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