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Wedding Video: Tips For Newlyweds + Top Ideas

Wedding Video: Tips For Newlyweds + Top Ideas

A wedding is an important event in life, which must be perfect and be remembered for a long time. To capture the memories, the best option is to shoot a wedding video.

The wedding film is a memory for a married couple for many years. All newlyweds want to make their video the brightest, original and special. This is a fact. But for this one reportage shooting isn’t enough. You need to think over one or several staging ideas, choose video editing software and learn how to edit videos (in case of DIY wedding video).


Tips for newlyweds


Before moving on to wedding video ideas, we want to give a couple of tips for newlyweds.


  • If you trust the filming of your wedding to a videographer, then you need to write a script. You should determine all the locations in which the shooting will take place, all your activities, as well as the required props in order to edit the video well and get the amazing result.

  • If you decide to shoot your wedding video yourself and not hire a professional, then don’t forget to choose several people who will be responsible for filming.


  • If you want to edit your wedding video yourself as well, then you need proved video editing software. We recommend you two options that are most suitable for these purposes — Magisto and Movavi.


  • The first option is an online easy-to-use web service with artificial intelligence, also available for Android and iOS. It will help you edit video excellently, crop and cut unnecessary fragments, add effects, change video speed, and much more. It’s the best option for beginners. However, the maximum length of your final video clip will be 10 minutes. If you are comfortable with this duration then this is the perfect app.
  • To edit videos using the second option can both amateurs and professionals. This video editing software is perfect for making short clips or long wedding films that will capture all the significant moments of your day. It has an intuitive interface and has proven itself well among editing enthusiasts.

Wedding Video: Tips For Newlyweds + Top Ideas

  • Be yourself. The fact that you are in front of the camera all the time doesn’t oblige you to continually look into it. It is much more important to focus on each other.


  • If you don’t have enough time to come up with something unusual, contact a wedding agency for help. They will help you find a cool idea and organize the event.

Wedding Video: Tips For Newlyweds + Top Ideas

  • The more events and locations at the wedding, the more interesting and dynamic the video will be. It’s optimal if the videographer will be with you for almost the entire wedding day. But the photographer can finish the work after the first hour of the banquet if you want to save some money. By the way, the ideas for the photo shoot can be found on Pinterest or Wedding Wire.


  • If you don’t include shooting with guests in the script, then organize some kind of entertainment or activity for the invitees. So that they don’t get into the film shot. Otherwise, you will have to edit the video too long.


  • If you are determined to make your most important video, then you should set your phone to silent mode and try to answer not every call. To crop and cut almost all fragments during the video editing process is not a pleasant thing.


  • Try to shoot each other on the smartphone or camera before the wedding, choose poses. Some angles may seem the most successful to you. You can share these ideas with the videographer before filming.


Wedding Video Ideas


  • Moments of preparation. Recently, it has been a real trend in wedding video shooting — to insert preparation for the ceremony cuts into the video. How the bride and groom choose outfits, how a florist makes a bouquet, how they decorate a banquet hall, and so on.

Wedding Video: Tips For Newlyweds + Top Ideas

  • Love story. It’s usually shot before or after the wedding. It’s a full-fledged separate video and contains romantic shots in interesting places. Cuttings from it can be inserted into a wedding video. Crop and cut some scenes, change video speed and you will get a cool plot and dynamics as a result.


  • Shooting from the air is at the peak of its popularity, but still seems to be something mysterious and difficult for many newlyweds. Wedding footage from the air is unusual, interesting, beautiful, and just cool! And to edit such videos is a pleasure.


  • This idea has been very popular for several years. To create a video in this style, the newlyweds need to choose a song based on which the video will be shot and edit. This option must necessarily include the singing and dancing of guests and newlyweds. This way, everyone will have a lot of fun.


  • Love confession. The newlyweds, before the wedding ceremony or immediately after it, separately talk about their feelings for each other. By using video editing software, their voices will be combined with music and romantic footage to create a beautiful wedding video.


Other versions of this idea: the lovers read a poem together, answer the same questions, give a short interview.



  • Movie. If the wedding celebration is organized in the style of a certain movie, then the clip must correspond to it. It’s essential to develop a good director’s script as well. Moreover, you need to take care of the appropriate outfit and location. This option will take a lot of time and effort from the organizers to shot and edit the video, but it’s still worth it.

Wedding Video: Tips For Newlyweds + Top Ideas


  • Hobby. Do you both enjoy crafts, dancing, or yoga? Then you don’t have to puzzle how to make an original wedding video. Just do what you love, and let the videographer shoot these wonderful moments on camera. Such inserts in the wedding video will look very bright and harmonious.


  • Fairy tale. The newlyweds can get a very original plot. To do this, it’s enough to decide on a fairy tale, choose the appropriate outfits, and video editing software. Almost all brides want to be a princess. Therefore, they opt for such stories as ‘Cinderella’. For lovers of everything unusual, the plot of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is suitable.


Sometimes some couples don’t bother developing the concept, scenario, as well as choosing video editing software. But everything is important in this process. Turn on the creativity and this day will become the brightest!



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