——– Suits 101: How your suit SHOULD fit ——— By: The Billion Brand

The suit is a timeless men’s wear piece that has gone through many generations.

It is a very familiar garment that has stood the test of time and also created quite a value for itself. When I say value, I’m not necessarily talking about price, but visual value. It is a piece that commands a certain attention and also detonates a certain professional or, “Man about his business,” presence that causes others to respond in a very respectful and trusting way! This particular garment has expanded in design aesthetic in leaps and bounds through the years.

kontrol - suit how it should fitThe BIGGEST thing that men do when buying suits is not being an educated buyer that understands FIT! They don’t know what they should be looking for and end up buying and wearing something that doesn’t form to their body shape correctly and thus defeats the purpose of wearing a suit in the first place!

With that said, I wanted to do this suit series that teaches the male about every aspect of a suit to gain knowledge on how to shop more effectively . Also wanted to teach how to identify different elements that a suit encompasses when they see them and how to address or speak about them with proper knowledge. Those other posts will follow!

Today we are first going to start by discussing

PROPER FIT POINTS. Image result for suit fit

As you can see in the diagram above ( diagram: www.pintrest.com) that there are 7 different points to look up and judge when buying a suit. Below also review a few diagrams I found and decided to share that give a closer look at each point of a suit and what right and wrong looks like!

To the right you can see this diagram taken from (The Art of Manliness) and see the comparison between a perfectly fit suit and a suit that is ill fit!

Now lets take a further look at each of the things that caused each look to have a final presentation as you see! Please also pay close attention to how they show you the flaws that make each example of wrong, wrong.

kontrol jacket colloarkontrol - shoulderkontrol - the sleeve pitchkontrol - jacket lengthkontrol - jacket closurekontrol - trouser break


Article photo used for thumbnail: https://www.oliverwicks.com/article/the-ideal-fit


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