What to Do if You Think Your Partner is Cheating

Smelling aftershave or perfume on your loved one that you know isn’t yours or theirs is sometimes all it takes for the alarm bells to start ringing. Maybe they’re staying at work later than normal or they’re taking their cell phone everywhere they go – it’s always the small things that can lead to paranoia. Either way, it’s not a nice feeling and, if you’re leaning more and more towards your partner being unfaithful, it could be time to do something about it.

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Start with a Chat

If they are cheating on you, this conversation will likely still end up being the same as if they weren’t cheating on you. You can’t really win from just a chat, but it could make you feel better about the situation if you did really believe your partner. Besides, you can’t just go around throwing accusations at them with little to no evidence – that’s a big nono, and it can ruin a relationship quickly, especially if your partner hasn’t been unfaithful.

Talk to Your Friends

If you’re still suspicious, talk to your friends to see what they think. It’s easy to think with your emotions rather than your head at this stage, so getting someone with a clearer mind to think for you would be the best course of action. They will be able to give you some sound advice and maybe, just maybe, they might know something that puts your partner in the all clear. Talking during the early stages is a good way to make you feel better and not make any rash decisions.

What are the Red Flags?

If there are several red flags, the chances are your partner is cheating. But, it’s again important to think with your head rather than your emotions. Write down a list of the red flags why you think your partner is cheating and maybe show that to a friend to see what they think.

Hire a Private Investigator

If you’re absolutely sure your partner is cheating but you have no way of proving it, hiring a private investigator from a service like Secure Forensics could be your last point of call. You need to think very carefully about taking such steps, however, as if your partner found out and they were innocent all along, that could ruin your relationship (in fact it probably will). A private investigator will be able to delve further into the life of your partner, so you can concentrate on living your life while the evidence is being compiled by a professional.

There’s plenty you should and shouldn’t do when you think your partner is cheating. Of course, the private investigator scenario might sound a bit over the top but, if you’re serious about finding out the truth with a chance of keeping things behind closed doors, this is going to be your best chance. Sometimes, however, just talking to your friends and family could make you feel a whole lot better about the situation and it could just be that you’re being a bit paranoid.

Mo Clark-Brewster

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