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What to Do When You’re Not Able to Take a Shower?

What to Do When You’re Not Able to Take a Shower?

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Sometimes men just want to freshen up a bit before they go on with the next phase in their day. The most prevalent and easiest way to get fresh and clean is by taking a shower. However, there are some circumstances where a shower just simply isn’t an option. Maybe you’re going to a social event after a long day in the office or out to dinner after a light session in the gym. The point is with no shower in the vicinity, what is a guy to do?

Some of you are probably thinking that the solution to this problem is a “bird bath”. If you don’t know what’s a “bird bath”, it’s basically taking a washcloth, running it under hot water in the sink, wringing it out, and rubbing it all over your body. Technically, it’s referred to as a “harlot bath” (different “H” word), obviously “bird bath” is an exceptional euphemism. By the way, if you didn’t get the whole harlot thing, then that’s a problem between you and your public school system. You’ll only get so much knowledge from this article.

Shower Wipes

First up on the roster are the wipes (antibacterial, face, shower). Instead of using that freshly drenched washcloth that we just finished discussing, just purchase some wipes. Antibacterial wipes kill most of the bacteria on your body. Bacteria are usually the causes of foul odors so killing them should eliminate most stenches. Also, they’re good to have while traveling or during flu season.

You should also have some facial wipes to hydrate your skin. Most facial wipes have vitamin E which softens your skin. Impressive, right? No, the most impressive wipe are shower wipes. These gifts from God can be used as a shower replacement. They’re hypoallergenic with vitamin E, aloe, and cucumber. Even though they’re the next best thing when a shower is out of the question, please don’t try to use them to skip the actual process of showering. That’s just lazy.

Chances are if there’s an odor on your body, there’s probably one in your clothes as well. Carry Febreze To Go to keep your clothes fresh. It neutralizes bad odors and adds a light clean scent to clothes. Speaking of scents, don’t forget to spritz some cologne on your body as well. Two squirts of your favorite fragrance should be more than enough to make a world of a difference.


Even though you can’t take a real shower you can still shampoo your hair. Dry shampoo is a spray that absorbs oil and product buildup without the use of water. Almost as good as using a regular rinse out+ shampoo. Most people use it after a workout to soak up sweat. However, if you spray some on your hair prior to working out, it will create a preventative layer that will absorb oil while you feel the burn. Oh, and always keep some deodorant on hand. Even if you do take a real shower, not wearing deodorant will leave the rest of us still smelling the funk and we don’t want that.


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