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What to Wear for Your First Driving Lesson

What to Wear for Your First Driving Lesson

If you have booked your first driving lesson and are looking forward to learning how to drive, you’re probably wondering what you should expect. Whether you’re just starting off by easing yourself into things with an hour’s taster lesson or have booked an intensive driving course which throws you right in at the deep end with a full day of driving, knowing what to expect can help to calm any nerves and make you feel more confident. Part of knowing what to expect is knowing what you should wear – making sure that your clothing and footwear is comfortable and safe will help you to get the most from your first driving lesson.

Safe Footwear

Although there isn’t actually anything which mentions footwear when driving in the driving theory test (see Toptests for more information on the questions you’ll be asked for your theory), it’s a given that your footwear should be safe and sensible. After all, you’re working the pedals in a car which control how fast or slow you’re travelling, and the last thing that you need is for your footwear to get in the way and put you in a situation where you lose control of the car. Avoid wearing shoes such as sandals, flip flops, sheepskin boots or high heels for your first driving lesson as these can be more difficult to drive in. Closed shoes with a flat sole such as pumps or trainers are usually the best choice.

Staying Comfortable

Since you’re going to be sitting down at the wheel for around an hour or more, it’s important to make sure that you’re dressed comfortably for your first driving lesson. Wearing clothes that are too restrictive or tight could leave you feeling uncomfortable in the car and distract you from keeping your eyes on the road. Opt for clothes which are loose-fitting and don’t restrict your movement in any way. For example, leggings or even tracksuit bottoms could be a better alternative legwear to jeans as they are less restrictive and more comfortable. It’s also a good idea to wear layered clothing, which you can take off or put on if you get too hot or cold.



In order to make sure that you have as few distractions as possible, it’s a good idea to keep any accessories to a minimum when on your first driving lesson. However, one accessory which you should definitely take with you, especially if you’re driving on a sunny day, is sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses will ensure that the sun stays out of your eyes and that you can see the road ahead of you clearly without having to squint. Although there will be sun visors available in the car, don’t rely on these to completely block the sun as depending on the sun’s position in the sky, they don’t always completely block the light from glaring in.

Deciding what to wear on your first ever driving lesson should revolve around choosing something which is both safe and comfortable to drive in. Don’t worry about fashion, as when you’re driving it’s your comfort and protection that is key.


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