What To Wear, When You Don’t Know What To Wear In The Summer Heat

Guy’s summer fashion is pretty simple. While mainly focusing on the appropriate materials, comfortable fits and of course the overall style of the garment; Summer is perhaps the easiest season to dress for. In fact, just capitalizing in with versatile summer pieces will allow you to create a wide variety of looks. Try playing around with different looks and have fun mixing and matching pieces. The only thing to remember is just your basic guidelines on what fits and what patterns work and don’t. Basically, use your God given sense of style and go for what works for you!

Keep things trim – Let’s face it; it is not 2010 anymore-baggy shorts aren’t a summer look for guys. You should opt for a slimmer design or fitted look. Trust, fitted bottoms always bring your overall look together. Also, please don’t go too short! Shorts that finish just above the knee is ideal. Anything higher is straight from out your girls closet. Let’s try for a range of tailored linen designs for the summer season.

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Pick the right footwear – Now this is pretty much self-explanatory. As a sneaker head myself, I’m never opposed to ditching the slides and sandals for a dope pair of kicks to rock. Just be sure to style them appropriately. An Ideal look for something dope and casual is good ole pair of Converse sneakers. Try wearing them with chinos for a more put together look.

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Diversify your choice of shirts– Your choice of a top is what’s going to make your look work this. Believe it or not, something as simple as a dope graphic tee layered on top of some simple chinos and sneakers can really bring a look together. Try having an assortment to choose from. Try to categorize every shirt for every occasion, whether its work vs weekend, every shirt should have its place.

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Choose your materials wisely – A very important part of styling yourself, especially during the summer, is fabric choice. Materials like nylon, polyester, and rayon should be out of the question unless you want to be a sweaty mess. Aim for fabrics that absorb moisture, materials like cotton or linen. Kill the summer heat in style without passing out. Some quick style notes below.

  • 100% cotton/seersucker cotton/Madras cotton – Soft, durable, breathable, and because it’s a natural fabric it absorbs moisture.
  • Linen – Absorbs moisture but dries quickly, ensuring you’re not left with any noticeable sweat patches. Get a linen blend if you don’t want to deal with wrinkled shirts.

So unless you bathe in antiperspirant, or exude the smell of fabric softener, fabric choice is essential in styling for the summer. Just some easy quick tips, to help you guys out with styling yourself for this summer season.

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