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What Women Really Think About Men’s Body Hair?

What Women Really Think About Men’s Body Hair?

One of the most natural things in the world for men is to grow hair. Not just on their heads but on their faces, chests, legs, on and under their arms, and basically all over their entire bodies. Obviously, men aren’t alone in their ability to grow hair on various places of their anatomy. However, in comparison to women, men are by far the hairiest of the two. While society accepts the natural hair growth of men, women on the other hand share preferences on where and how much hair their men will sport.

In society, men are taught to keep their beards and mustaches trimmed, and hairlines should always remain neat. Unfortunately, it’s not until they get older and are in the constant company of adult women that men learn that maintaining the hair on their head and faces simply isn’t enough. There are women who are repulsed at the thought of back hair. Women also prefer not to have to look at men with follicles growing out of their noses or ears. So, when it comes to the issue of hairy men, what are do women really think?

Numerous surveys have been conducted to pinpoint the position of women and the hair on men’s bodies. Every woman is different when it comes their man’s hairstyle. Some have preferences in length and style, while others don’t care any which way. Similar to the way that some men have preferences in hair color and length, while others just go with whatever style their woman desire. The most important thing is that it’s clean.

However, on the subject of facial hair women had a clear understanding of what they wanted. Two-thirds of all women agreed that they would prefer their men to have hair on their faces. While only a third wanted men to constantly sport a clean shave. Apparently, facial hair doesn’t bother women. In fact, they enjoy it as long as it kept up with. No woman wants a hard and wiry beard irritating their face or other regions of their body. They also don’t want men to go completely wild when it came to their beards and mustaches.

Women definitely do not want their men to have long hairs growing out of their ears or noses. It’s just not something that they want to look at on a regular basis. Also, women don’t mind hairy legs, arms, armpits, and chest just as long as it stays short and trimmed. That means no full-grown bushes of hair that will remind them of Austin Powers or a seventies porn star.

Moving further down south, more specifically around the genitals, a vast majority of women are in favor of hair down there. Though, those same women would prefer their men to manscape. Meaning that men should trim their pubic hair and keep it nice and clean. Not go crazy and have their manhood completely bald. Only a select group of women want men to have a clean shave down there. Which is not enough to for any man to go running to get their pubes waxed.

The idea is that women do not want men who look like little boys, even if their man is carrying around a substantial package. When it comes to body hair in general women don’t want the anatomy of men to resemble a “Ken doll”. Remember the music video for Katy Perry’s “You’re So Gay”, nobody wants to look like that. The lesson women like hairy men who wash and trim regularly. If men would just do those two basic things then they can be as hair as they want and still get the girl.


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