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What You Need to Know about Leaflet Marketing and Letterbox Distribution

What You Need to Know about Leaflet Marketing and Letterbox Distribution

Letterbox distribution can be a simple, cost-effective way of reaching a broad range of potential customers. If your flyer has a decent design and a clear message, it can attract new customers like bees to honey. Leaflet marketing and letterbox distribution work best for local businesses who can select new potential customers by geographical criteria rather than other ways of profiling new clients. If you’re not sure which postcodes to target, leaflet distributors can often help you figure it out. Other approaches include using leaflet marketing to go door to door, or handing out flyers at local events where your target clients might be.












Kinds of Leaflet Marketing to Consider

There are a few ways of using leaflet marketing and letterbox distribution, including:


  • Blanketing − Blanketing involves a letterbox distribution drop of flyers to all buildings within a specific postcode range.


  • Sharing Distribution − in this instance, you batch your flyers or leaflets with other letterbox distribution materials like local papers or other advertising.
  • Product Sampling− Product samplinginvolves distributing samples of your product in targeted letterboxes or at selected events.
  • Street Marketing− you can hand out leaflets on the street at a strategic location, like outside your business or at a local event relevant to your ideal customers.
  • Handouts at Events− certain events such as trade forums or community expos can offer an excellent opportunity for exposure if you’re willing to attend and hand out flyers.



How Do I Get The Most Out Of Letterbox Distribution?

Quite a lot of material can end up in people’s letterboxes. In order for your leaflet marketing and letterbox distribution to be effective, you need to tick a few boxes. Below are some tips for getting the best results from letterbox distribution.

H3: Quality Control

There’s no point engaging in letterbox distribution if you’re not representing your business in a positive light. Bad design is not a positive light, so make sure you get your flyers professionally designed. Decide what the main message is and stick with that rather than trying to say too much at once on your flyers, as too much information is confusing to potential customers. The best flyers are simple, direct and attractive to the eye. Aim to choose a paper stock that has a high quality or professional feel. Nothing printed out on the laser jet at home!

Include a Call to Action

A call to action is marketing speak for ‘give people a reason to act’. What you really want from your letterbox distribution is action, such as customers walking into your shop or people calling you to book the service you offer. To help bring this about, you need to include a call to action which says something like ‘Book now to receive 20% off’. In this instance, you’re asking them to book in, and then there’s the incentive. The call to action could also be ‘refer a friend to get 20% off your yearly membership’, or you could offer a small add-on product for free when new customers show your leaflet. The idea is to initiate action which will help you get sales.  

Be Relevant

To get the most out of your letterbox distribution drop, you need to ensure you’re targeting relevant households. The best way of ensuring this is to start collecting postcodes from your regular customers. You can then choose a postcode range that includes most of the postcodes of your current customers, ensuring you’ll be choosing areas for your letterbox distribution that fit the right socioeconomic niches. If you know where your current customers are, you’ll be able to find out where to get more similar customers.


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