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What’s In Your Bag: The Practical Bag

What’s In Your Bag: The Practical Bag

If you’re a busy person who seems to always find yourself in your car, ripping and running from place to place, almost anything unexpected is bound to happen throughout the day. It’s not uncommon to waste barbecue sauce on yourself during your lunch break or find yourself making an impromptu stop at a friend’s house right after work. Situations like these randomly pop-up and take us out of our comfort zones, especially when the remedy is more than often back at home.  Fortunately, the solution to avoid or rectify most of these problems, without having to high-tail it home, comes in the form of a “practical bag”.

A “practical bag” is a simple backpack or duffle bag kept in the back of your car’s trunk, which contains items for your convenience such as a t-shirt, casual pants, or comfortable shoes. Basically, anything that may come in handy during the day when you’re not able to make it back to your place. Remember that barbecue sauce you wasted on your shirt during lunch? Good thing there’s a t-shirt neatly stashed in a bag in your trunk. Also, that stop at your friend’s house, which turns into a four-hour hangout session, will go a lot smoother once you’re able to trade in your button-down, chinos, and wing-tipped shoes for sweatpants, a t-shirt, and sneakers.

You can also have additional items stashed in the bag such as a toothbrush, travel size toothpaste, or deodorant. Just for the days that you’re running late or have to freshen up before a meeting. How many times have you woken up late, quickly took a shower and gotten dressed, only to realize while speeding under a yellow traffic light that you forgot to put on deodorant? Not to mention you don’t have time to stop by a store, and you only have three hours until your natural aroma comes out of hiding. That’s why there’s a new stick of deodorant waiting come to the rescue. It’s located in the same bag that contained the t-shirt from the barbecue crisis. Don’t be afraid to keep a small bottle of lotion in there also, in some circles ashiness is a sin that’s only second to uncleanliness.

Warning, this is not an overnight bag or a reason to live out your car instead of handling your business at home. Please brush your teeth and put on lotion prior to walking out of your house. A “practical bag” is a provider of options in situations where one normally isn’t given. The overall idea is to be prepared for the minor inconveniences that life throws at you so that you can adjust appropriately. Also, there’s no need to put underwear or socks in the bag. There’s no situation requiring fresh new underwear where time for a trip back home or to the store isn’t permitted. Unless an illness has taken control, then you should be at the hospital and not in the boxer/briefs section of Wal-Mart; or you probably should still be at home.

This is more than just a change of clothes or a couple of hygiene products stuffed into a bag. It’s taking small steps to provide convenience and comfortability in your daily life. Think of it in the terms of the old saying “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready”, that’s the concept that this bag presents. Instead of being ready for an earthquake or the end of the world, you’re ready for the day the back of your pants rip open while changing a flat tire, on the way to your doctor’s appointment from work to get STD tested.


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