What’s In Your Bag: The Tech Bag

Technology is considered fashionable, right? It’s almost as if tech gadgets have become the new accessories, just as important as wearing shoes or making sure that you have on clean underwear, if wearing underwear is your jam. Nowadays phones aren’t the only pieces of tech that frequently make appearances in our daily lives. The wireless world has allowed us to unplug and dive into a whole new world where almost any device can take into an endless stream of data.

People carry their gadgets almost everywhere and some can actually be worn on our bodies. Most of the items that tech companies are coming up with are unnecessary, but there are still staples that we should still carry around. Before you leave the house there are a few things that you should pack, especially if you’re a millennial professional who uses the world as your office. Here are a few items that every tech savvy professional should have:

61F3pcK2XL. SL1500Over-Ear Headphones:  Good headphones are essential, specifically over-ear headphones. They give great sound quality and cancel out noise better than earbuds; they’re also harder to lose. There’s no reason to spend a lot of money on Beats or any other high-priced headphones if you’re not an ultra music enthusiast or in the music industry. One of the best and most comfortable headphone brands is Urbanears, which are headphones that sport a threaded fiber cord; making it more resistant to damage. These headphones retail for $49, Urbanears also carry wireless headphones that retail for $119.

Toshiba Chromebook 13 inch1Travel laptop: Everyone has a laptop and most likely it’s their pride and joy; almost like their children. If that’s true why do people choose to take their expensive high-end babies out of their safe homes and into the world where they can get damaged. Even though laptops are way more damage resistant than they used to be, what people don’t know is that hard drives are not. The insides of Hard drives are very sensitive and one wrong bump can damage them beyond repair. Think about how many times your laptop has been in your bag and it bumped while you were driving, riding a bike, or walking. It may not have happened yet but it can. Instead of putting your baby in danger adopt another baby to take its place. Investing in a Chromebook will allow you to travel the world without worrying about your laptop. It’s cheap, so no fuss if it breaks and most of your files should be saved on an external drive or a cloud anyway. As long as you have Wifi you should be able to most of the same things. Chromebooks go anywhere from $149-$500, but there’s no need to go any higher than $250.

External Hard DriveExternal Hard drive: Speaking of hard drives, I know it seems a little 90s/early 2000s to still have an external hard drive but most professionals use them to store important docs, pictures, and videos. Pictures and Videos take up a lot of space, so does music. Streaming isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and what happens if you don’t have WiFi (scary thought). It’s super cheap to get a 500GB hard drive which is all you really need; music producers, photographers, videographers and anyone else who uses big files should invest in 1TB, which is not that much more. Also, you can put software on your hard drive if you don’t want it to take up space on your laptop. Good hard drives can found in Walmart, Target, Best Buy, or on Amazon for less that $50.


Martel Sharpe

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