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5 Things Women Find Most Surprising About Mommy Makeovers

5 Things Women Find Most Surprising About Mommy Makeovers

You’ve probably heard about nose jobs, boob jobs, facelifts, and other popular cosmetic procedures. But have you heard about the mommy makeover? Unlike other plastic surgeries, this is actually a flexible set of procedures that’s used to restore a woman’s pre-pregnancy figure. Anyone who’s interested in getting a cosmetic procedure done, such as a mommy makeover by Hill Country Plastic Surgery, probably already knows what to expect…or do they? Below you’ll find the five things that are most surprising to women about mommy makeovers.

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A mommy makeover isn’t actually a single procedure

The surgery typically includes a breast augmentation or lift, a tummy tuck, and liposuction, but those are just the “core” procedures; the actual procedures that end up being used depends on the woman’s aesthetic goals. In the majority of cases, the areas being addressed are the abdomen, the breasts, and any areas that still have accumulated fat deposits such as the stomach, back, thighs, or arms. Here’s an overview of the procedures that a mommy makeover could include:

  • Breast augmentation – silicone implants are inserted into the breasts for a fuller look
  • Breast lift – the breasts are re-positioned to restore their pre-pregnancy perkiness
  • Breast reduction – the breasts are reduced in size to be more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing
  • Tummy tuck – excess loose skin is removed around the abdomen and belly button area
  • Liposuction – accumulated fat stores are broken down and suctioned out to highlight natural contours
  • Thigh lift – excess loose skin is removed around the thighs
  • Laser scar removal – lasers are used to lessen the appearance of C-section scars or stretch marks

Mommy Makeovers

You should only get a mommy makeover if you’re done having kids

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can result in a lot of physical changes, and a mommy makeover will go a long way towards reversing them. If you get pregnant after the mommy makeover, you’ll not only lose a lot of your results, but you could also put more strain on your body.

One possible complication has to do with the abdominal muscles. A tummy tuck, which removes loose skin from the abdomen, can also include repairs to separated or weakened abdominal muscles. If you end up carrying a baby after that surgery, the muscles could re-separate, meaning you’d need revision surgery after giving birth.

Another thing to think about is how a breast augmentation could affect your ability to breastfeed. A breast lift (where the breasts are simply repositioned) wouldn’t affect this, but silicone implants probably would. If there’s any possibility that you could breastfeed after getting a mommy makeover, talk to your plastic surgeon about placing the implants where they wouldn’t interfere with the mammary glands.

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Recovery is long and painful

This might seem like a no-brainer – until you actually experience just how painful a mommy makeover recovery is. You won’t want to move, talk, sneeze, cough, or laugh for at least a week. Your doctor will likely recommend that you stay home from work for at least two weeks, but only if you have an office job; if you’ll be moving or lifting a lot, you’ll have to wait closer to a month. That might seem like a lot of time to take off from work, but once you’re back home from the surgery, you’ll be glad you did; you might even wish you’d taken more time off!

Along the same lines, you should definitely get some people to help out around the house while you’re out of commission. That means someone to do the grocery shopping, someone to take the kids to school and to extracurricular activities, and someone to make sure everybody’s getting fed something besides frozen pizzas and Big Macs. In other words, enlist people to do whatever you’d normally be doing. It might be your partner, family members, or friends, but make sure you get your ducks in a row before surgery; afterwards you definitely won’t feel like doing much.

A mommy makeover costs a lot of money

There isn’t really a fixed price for mommy makeovers, since they can include a variety of procedures. However, most mommy makeovers from reputable plastic surgeons will cost from $15,000 to $20,000. Some insurance plans may cover part of the cost, but you can’t really rely on that; since this is considered to be an elective procedure (as in, not medically necessary), you’d need an amazing insurance policy.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’d have to pay for the whole thing out-of-pocket and up-front, though; some plastic surgeons offer financial assistance in the form of loans or payment plans, which makes getting a mommy makeover a much more realistic option for many.

This might seem like a hefty price tag (because it is), but don’t be tempted to look for budget options. You could definitely find a plastic surgeon to give you a mommy makeover for well under $15,000, but it’s quite possible that they’ll cut corners in order to make the surgery worth the lowered price. This is supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime procedure, so it only makes sense to get it done right the first time.

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The surgery itself only takes 3-5 hours, and you’ll spend a lot of time in consultation beforehand

For a surgery that takes months to fully recover from, it sure does happen fast! The exact time will vary according to how many procedures are included in the mommy makeover; that’s something you’ll discuss with your plastic surgeon. You should also discuss in detail exactly what you want your results to be, and ask the plastic surgeon if they have any recommendations. After all, they’re the expert! You may have multiple consultations before the surgery, but they’re an important part of the process.

There may be some surprises along the way, but the results are worth it!

Getting a mommy makeover is a huge commitment, and there’s plenty of research and prep to do before the surgery. With the right information, a great plastic surgeon, and realistic expectations, you’ll have the best chances of getting the results you’ve been dreaming of!


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