Fall Fragrance: What’s Your Smell Good?

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Smells definitely evoke certain moods and experiences.  Switching up your fragrances for the Fall from Summer’s light floral/citrus inspired scents for Fall’s more musky/woodsy notes is a must!

Fragrance is just as important as your outfit in terms of developing your style and creating your signature uniform.  As well all know, everyone has a style uniform that is constantly being developed.  Just as your outfit leaves an everlasting visual impression, your scent leaves a mental impression and can make or break your ‘style’ or swag.

Check out what we are craving below!


1. Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt

jo malone

Escape the cool brisk reality of Fall with this light, yet earthy scent.  It has hints of sage that make it the perfect Fall scent.


2. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

daisy dream

As if the bottle was not enough to lure us in.  If you loved the original Daisy, you are sure to love this more sophisticated version.  It has notes of blackberries, pear, blue wisteria, jasmine and coconut water that make it both floral and fruity, but a strong solid scent appropriate for the season.


3. Tory Burch


tory burch

Yes, our favorite designer of the infamous flats enhanced with hardware of the brand’s logo has branched out into fragrances and we like it! This scent bridges the gap of our favorite summer notes of florals and citrus with our favorite fall notes of musk and spice.


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