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When A Thug’s Heart Bleeds Blue 2 By Phylicia G

When A Thug’s Heart Bleeds Blue 2 By Phylicia G


“I shoulda seen you was trouble right from the start, taught me so  many lessons. How not to mess with broken hearts, so many questions…”

~ 2Pac, Do for love

Alnessa “The Black Widow” Patterson has placed a deadly love spell on Agent James. His soft spot for saving people has placed him on a web of lies and deceit. Tangled in this poisonous web now includes his, Nana. Whose now in harms way. Continuing to fight his feelings, Agent James’s determination to keep his name as the toughest federal agent around grows stronger by during his attempt to save Alnessa, her son, and Nana. During this time, he continues to carry the guilt of things that happened in his past, that’s out of his control. Meanwhile, Alnessa, Agent James, and Alpo (Alnessa’s grandfather), who is apart of the Gonzalez Mexican Drug Organization, must learn how to coexist to make it out of Mexico alive. It’s all a matter of life or death at this point. Find out if Alnessa’s web of lies and deceit were with malicious intent or was it to protect her innocence.


The guards laughed as the man stood up, shaking his head and his hand. “Put her in
the cell with him. Let her see him once more before I get rid of him.”

“You’regoing to kill him?” One of the other armed men that walked into the room with him  asked.


Grabbing my mouth so my cries couldn’t be heard, I had seen enough. So, I scooted back
as far as I could in my cell and prayed.

“ANYBODYELSE WANT TO QUESTION ME?!” The man barked as he waited for the rest of  his men
to answer him. None of them spoke a word as they looked around at each other.

The man nodded his head, “Great!” He looked up, and I could tell that he was getting ready to head this way. Lowering my head, I began to pray harder.

“Lord, please watch over my soul and protect me from all harm. I need you, Lord!”

“He’s getting away! He’s running to his house. Back-up! Back-up! He’s getting away!”

Frantic yelling came across the men’s walked talkies and the man stopped in his tracks
and turned around.

Thank-You, Lord! I prayed as I exhaled deeply.

Stepping over the female on the floor as if she was a rock on the ground, he pointed back at her, “Handle that. I’ll be back as soon as I kill this idiot. Wake her up, too! I want her to see him before I take his life. How she reacts afterward will determine if she lives or dies.” He walked towards the door and placed his hand one of the men’s shoulders, “Stay here! I’m sure he’s trying to stall long as possible to get to her.”

The guard nodded as he stepped to the side and the other men followed the well-dressed man through the door. Once I heard the steel door close, I quickly scooted closer to the bars to see who the female was.

The guard that had been in the dungeon, keeping watch the entire time, placed her over his shoulder and easily laid her inside the cell. Then all of a sudden, the other guard grabbed an opened water bottle and dashed water in the girl’s face.

She sat straight up as she gasped for air and then looked around. The guards got into a scuffle because some of the water had been splashed on him. The both of them walked out of the steel door, exiting the dungeon. I waited a few seconds before I called out to the girl but once I got a better look, I couldn’t believe it. This meant that my Marlon was here.

“Alnessa, is that you?” I whispered loud enough for her to hear me.

Scuffling to her feet, she ran to the bars and grabbed them tight. “Yes ma’am, are you okay?”

Ignoring her concern for me, “Where’s Marlon?” I questioned as the knot in my stomach grew tighter, from the fear I thought of losing another child. Marlon was my grandson, but I considered him as my son.

Alnessa didn’t answer me. Her eyes were fixated on the little boy on the floor. The rhythm of her breathing went from rapid to long deep breaths as if she was trying to catch her breath. Slowly she started to move her way over to the fragile boy and scooped him into her arms as she cradled him in her lap.

“Ohhhh Goddddd!” Alnessa cried out as she rocked him back and forth, kissing his dirty and boney face repeatedly.

I didn’t know what to think, she’d told me that she didn’t have any children. Did she lie to me? Of course, she did. This woman had been on trial for attempting to kill her husband. The world knew her for her beauty, charm, and death of her prey. Lowering my head, I began to shake it. How could Marlon be so stupid? Now, she had him and me as well, tangled in her deadly web. She’d lived up to her name, “The Black Widow.”

Snapping myself out of my thought, the color red began to take over my mind. “WHERE’S MY BABY?!”

Maybe, my emotions were getting the best of me. I wasn’t perfect, but I tried to live by God’s rules. Raised my
children the best way I knew how, still they seemed to slip through my fingers and strayed away into the streets. Never once, if somebody needed me was I not there for them. And last but not least, I hated judging people. That’s why I decided to open up and let Alnessa in. That all changed when that detective showed up at my house looking for her. I warned Marlon to let that man take her, but no he had to save her too.

Alnessa didn’t answer me, she continued to cry and rock the weak child. He became so weak that he couldn’t open
his eyes. It was then, I realized that I was still a mother and I knew how it felt to hold your child in your arms, watching them die.

I opened my mouth to question her again, but nothing came out. Deciding not to question her again, I just went
back to my corner, and took my seat again. My mind and heart wanted more answers but it obvious I wasn’t going to get any information out of Alnessa right now. Saying a silent prayer, I closed my eyes and relived her pain.

About Author :

Often called, The Princess of Street Lit, Phylicia G., incorporates a lot of real life events into her stories. Her writing style is versatile but growing up in different urban areas in the small-town of Walterboro, South Carolina, urban romance & street literature is the genre she gravitates towards and delivers her best work.

After graduating college, her best friend, continuously tried to persuade her to write a book about her life. Phylicia G. decided that she wasn’t ready to speak about her hardships of life, just yet.  However, in 2008, she read her first urban fiction novel, Wifey, written by one of  her favorite authors to date. She then read Kiki Swinson’s bio and discovered, she could become an urban fiction author as well.

Phylicia G. fell into a deep depression after giving birth to three children and realizing the wrong decisions she’d made in her past, brought her career in the medical field to a halt. During that time, she began to write in a black & white composition notebook. The story had no name, but she decided to mail multiple chapters at a time to her incarcerated brother to test read.  After her first manuscript was completed and getting the green light from her brother, family, & friends, in 2015, she gave the story a title & self-published Carolina Rich. She released her second series, The Street King’s Daughters with Supreme Works Presents in 2017.  She’s written eleven solo books, one collaboration, three anthologies, and she will be self-publishing solo book number thirteen this year. One anthology (Patron on Ice), one national best-selling author, and publisher that she will never forget is, Niyah Moore. February 2015, Niyah published the brand-new author’s first short story, ‘The Family Affair’ in the Patron On Ice anthology. (The Family Affair short story is now published in the back of Carolina Rich part three.)

Not only does Phylicia G. have a soft spot in her heart for writing. She enjoys being a mother to her three beautiful children, reading in her free-time, and helping other inspiring authors accomplish their dreams as well. Such as her older sister and her daughter, who both wrote children’s books, and Phylicia G will soon publish both books under her independent company, Carolina Publications, LLC.

Tell us about yourself. When you’re not writing, what are you doing?


I’m a mother of three, two boys and one girl. I grew up and still live, in a small town where everyone knows one another or at least someone within your family. The best joy I get from living here in South Carolina is the weather is decent. We may get some strong winds from hurricanes, some snow every blue moon, but it’s never anything that will make you relocate. When I’m not writing, I’m always reading. I’m lucky to get to sample and test read a lot of my pen sisters’ work before it’s released. So, that’s a plus for me being that I’m a fan of reading first, then, an author.


How long did it take you to write your first series?

It took me almost two years to complete my first novel, Carolina Rich. Then book dropped that year and back to back after that. To be honest, that series still isn’t completed. STILL Carolina Rich will be released sometime this year.


Who was your favorite characters to write about and from what series? And why?

Tameka and Kurt were definitely my favorites. Why? Because Carolina Rich was my first baby. I got to birth them and watch them grow just as I do with my children.


What would be a challenging genre for you to write that you could see personal growth in your craft?

This is kind of tricky for me being that I would like to step out into it and explore. However, to answer that question, I’d say poetic urban fiction. I wrote my first erotic poem for my SEXROTICA DIARIES BLOG) this year. That explains my answer I hope. The not a strength of mine.


Do you ever experience writer’s block? And if so, how do you overcome it?

OMG! I knew nothing about this until I started giving myself deadlines. That’s when my mind would decide to go blink on me. it can be so frustrating, but you never want your work to be forced because that will definitely show to your readers. So I’ve learned to just step away, maybe read a book, and come back to what you’ve written.


What is one of the advantages and disadvantages of being in the literary industry?

There are so many but one that has always stuck with me is, staying true to myself. And what I mean by that is, create your own lane, and travel that path vs. you following that path of someone else whose lane was molded for you. Sometimes people run into more obstacles following the paths of others instead of finding their own way. I love genuine people and books that is fill with originality is a big plus for me.


Are you working on new projects? And if so, share the name and a snippet or brief description of the upcoming project.

Yes, I have a few things I’m working on. A couple projects are just getting started so I won’t mention those. But When A Thug’s Heart Bleeds Blue part two will be released soon and Tale of Two Hearts: A Book of 4 Love Stories. Neither projects have solid release dates but will be announced soon.


To stay in the loop with her new & upcoming releases and events;

Author Fan Page


Facebook readers group








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