being mary jane 2

Where Is Mary Jane?!

‘Being Mary Jane’ was a greatly anticipated show which July 2, 2013.

With the main character, Gabrielle Union, she gave the viewers life with character “Mary Jane”  as being a hardworking success and role model to females, as well as, a female not afraid to express her sex appeal to the men that she liked. Union’s character is the breadwinner and role model to her family especially her niece. At the same time though, she isn’t perfect or have it all together as she seems to but with all her family issues, she denies herself to make them happy.

Although this show has only one episode and is rumored to be returning in January of 2014, BET has definitely left us with a cliff hanger and something more to look forward to in the spring TV lineup. We are all very proud of you, Ms. Union! Continue to do your thing.

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