White During Fall: Yes or No?

Fashion rules are sometimes meant to be broken, and I for one am a fan of breaking them.  If you tell me to go left, I will likely go right.  I think trends are important…sparingly.  Implementing trends in a classic overall look while still maintaining your personality in a look is important in defining your style.  No one wants to look like everyone else, or like they shopped their look right off of the mannequin.

Wearing white after labor day is a fashion rule that has been long debated.  I think you can certainly do white after labor day and throughout the seasons.  The key here is switching up your fabrics from your light and airy Spring and Summer light fabrics to your more heavy and textured Fall and Winter fabrics.  So instead of linen, you would opt for wools, heavy cottons, and cashmere to name a few.  Also, you can play with the type of white as well, so maybe instead of bright white you would opt for off-white or cream.


Rita Ora seen arriving at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles

Although, I am not a huge fan of the shoes in general and definitely not with this outfit, Rita Ora wore her white right for Fall.  The heavier fabric of her cape-coat and her dress make it appropriate.  Also, incorporating a very Fall and Winter trend as she did here with her cape-coat makes wearing white work even more.


6_zoe-saldana white

Zoe Saldana did this! All the way! Although she is wearing a sheer top, pairing it with her wide leg jumpsuit (another Fall trend) makes the all white work.  Also, the layering and structured tailoring of her outfit makes it appropriate and trendy to wear in cooler weather.


khloe white

Khloe Kardashian makes her all-white ensemble work by adding her wool fedora to the mix.  This is a great trick of incorporating Fall fabrics and textures to bring down the Spring/Summer feel of wearing white.  This can be done with scarves, hats, shoes, and handbags.


v in white

Yours truly makes this all-white look work by incorporating Fall fabrics and silhouettes.  The sweater being a turtle neck and made of wool makes this work for Fall.  Also, the off-white sweater and wide-leg pants tone down the shock factor of wearing bright white during Fall.


So what do you think? Would you rock white in the Fall? What about the Winter? I say it’s a go!






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