Who’s Wearing the Crown Now?

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From Queen Latifah’s Afrocentric attire to her crown braid hairdo, she has made bold statements since she surfaced the Hip Hop industry in the late 1980s. The Queen may no longer be seen in Kente attire or a big braid wrapped around her head anymore, but in 2014, there are other celebrities bringing this braid back!

Although the crown braid has been a well-known style throughout hair history, it continues to reinvent itself and is now one of the hottest hair trends of spring 2014. Therefore, it has not been hard to spot out your favorite girls recently rocking this hairdo such as Beyonce or Kelly Osbourne.

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The crown braid is a fun style because you can wear it in a lot of different ways, different hair textures and almost every hair length.

You can wear it up or wear it down. If you wear it down, you can add loose curls to the ends of your luscious locks or even braid it all the way down.

Just remember that this style is not only made for people with long hair. You can sport this look with short hair and pin it up as well.

If you want to add a more edgy look to your crown braid, you can rock it with a Chinese bang, middle part, side bang or even justcrown braid on natural hair leave a few strands out on the sides.

On different occasions such as a fun date, you can wear it messy or if you are attending a spring wedding, you can have a more polished look.

Your hair can be fine or it can be thick. Straight or kinky curly.

You can even rock this style with a sew-in (just make sure your wefts are hidden).

As you can see, as royal as the crown braid may be it does not discriminate. Whether you want a tight Afrcentric crown braid like Queen Latifah or a fun modern crown braid like Beyonce, you should try this style because it is fun and simple to achieve. As long as you have the concept of braiding, you can master this look right in time for spring. Besides, there is no need to have “Queen” or “King” in front of your name to rock this crown!


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