“Who’s Your Daddy?” Frankie & Elite Search for Answers on Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court!

“Who’s Your Daddy?” That seems to becoming an all too common question nowadays. Thankfully, we have a little thing called paternity tests to tell us this Uber important info. Television has definitely capitalized on this issue and no we are not just talking about The Maury Povich Show! Enter Paternity Court with Judge Lauren Lake. Unlike most court shows Paternity Court deals solely with issues of paternity, family, and the aftermath of these life altering revelations. Sometimes these results make things heavenly, and other times it makes the lives of the people involved infinitely more complicated. Some of these guests, interestingly, are celebrities from a family we know all too well. Do the names Frankie Lons and Elite Noel ring a bell?

 elite noel and lauren lake hey mikey atl       lauren lake elite noel frankie lons hey mikey atl

Yes singer Keyshia Cole’s mother and younger sister, are making an appearance this week on Thursday, September 24th! There the two women will attempt to learn who Elite’s biological father is. As you may recall this is not the first time Elite has attempted to learn the identity of her real father, initially believing her sister Neffe’s father was hers as well. She was devastated to learn he was not, but it awakened her curiosity, prompting her to continue her search. This time around there are two men as the potential fathers, both of whom are longtime friends of Frankie. Will Elite finally learn the identity of her father? Be prepared to laugh, cry, and learn a few life lessons. There is never a dull moment in Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court!

lauren lake's paternity court hey mikey atl

*Check your local listings for showtimes!

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