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Why Are Sunflowers So Popular?

Why Are Sunflowers So Popular?

Sunflowers that first came from the United States are now one of the most popularly grown flowers all over the world. The reasons for their popularity are quite diverse due to the many benefits derived from these flowers. Additionally, these flowers have also become one of the most popular flowers given as gifts over the past few years. Let’s get into the real reasons why this flower is adored by almost everyone!

Why Are Sunflowers So Popular

They’re the Perfect Gift

Apart from being regarded as the ‘happy’ flower, these flowers also have more symbolic significance than what meets the eye. The Chinese have for centuries regarded this flower as a symbol of good luck and lasting happiness, which is the reason why they’re one of the most common bouquets you’ll find being given at graduation ceremonies and similar occasions. They also have underlying connotations of love, loyalty, and longevity. The next time you’re in a fix over what sunflower to get a loved one for a happy event, head over to the florist or an online store like The Bouqs and get yourself a bouquet of warmth and happiness.

They’ve Got Health Benefits

Yep, you heard us right. Unlike most other flowers, sunflowers don’t just exist for aesthetic beauty. They’re consumable and come with several beneficial properties. To begin with, the seeds are the edible part of the flower and they are recommended for people who suffer from cholesterol problems. They are also rich in protein, healthy fats, and are a great source of antioxidants. Apart from this, the oil derived from the seeds is rich in vitamin E, making it cosmetically beneficial for those who struggle with hair growth or need an oil that soothes sensitive or irritated skin. 

One added perk is that these seeds don’t have to be consumed just the way they are. Many people choose to make butter from the roasted sunflower seeds, popularly dubbing it as the sunbutter. If you’re someone who loves playing around with recipes, you may even be able to whip up a super healthy butter combining a variety of seeds and nuts along with the sun butter.

They’re Great For Decor

Not all flowers can be used as centerpieces due to their size, texture, and color scheme. However, sunflowers are perfect for almost any kind of decor, be it indoor or outdoor. Not only do they look great in any kind of bouquet or vase, but they also instantly brighten up the room due to their lively colors and large size. Additionally, these can usually be used as standalone flowers and will end up saving you quite a bit by not having to spend on too many varieties of flowers to fill a single vase. This is one of the main reasons why people generally purchase sunflowers in bulk when they need to decorate a large venue or arena at a reasonable price. The only additional color you’ll need to purchase to make the sunflowers ‘pop’ is some lush green ferns and you’ll be good to go!

They Are Simply Fascinating!

Sunflowers are the only flowers that have the word ‘flower’ as a part of their name and that’s just one of the interesting facts about them. They also happen to be sun trackers, as the younger blooms and buds follow the sun from east to west every day until they become fully mature. 

The best part about these flowers is that even after their seeds have been removed, their flower pads can still be used as scrubbers, making this an eco-friendly option to other cleaning tools. We hope you enjoyed reading this article about why we’re all in love with sunflowers!



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