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Why Black Women Should do Yoga

There are many yoga disciplines, and it is difficult to decide when, how and why to do these practices, especially for beginners. A practice of yoga shows a lot of health benefits. It can be problematic for those who feel overwhelmed by yoga due to their physical limitations, weight, gender, race or orientation. Black women are at the forefront of mass movements, both gender, and ethnicity. Yoga can burn calories from the body; it is essential to practice yoga to maintain yourself. Here are the five following reasons why black women should do yoga.

Yoga can relieve pain

Neck pain, knee pain, back pain, you get the idea. Yoga is the epitome of such ailments.

Boost your confidence level

Even though it is challenging to overlook the physical benefits of being safe in yourself is the ultimate gift that comes with yoga.

Yoga can help to enhance your posture and appearance

The perfect posture makes you look slim and smart. Yoga teaches physical awareness and can help you to strengthen your muscles and naturally stand tall, so you look healthier and more confident.

Yoga can help you sleep

Many people face the problem of Insomnia. Lack of sleep can cause illness, stress, and more. Yoga before sleep can help to calm your body and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

Yoga can benefit pregnant moms

Yoga is the best way for expectant mothers to prepare their minds and body for labor and delivery.

Why the lack of visibility of black women in yoga spaces?

Although exercising self-care is incredibly important for all women, many black women feel out of place for wellness. The Women’s Health Study of the Nation (SWAN) estimates that black women are biologically 7.5 years older than white women, and 27 percent of the difference is from stress and poverty, which comes with being a black woman in America. Studies of the Sociological Inquiry also found that ethnic minorities were generally more stressed than whites. 18.2 percent of black people are experiencing emotional stress, and 9.8 percent are living with physical stress. Black people are physically and mentally more ill than their white counterparts.

It’s no secret that the yoga world is dominated by white people who come from a place of privilege. What was originally an Eastern philosophy, became a gold mine of expensive stretch pants and luxury backpacks. Of course, science has repeatedly proven that yoga and meditation can alleviate stress and anxiety, but those who most need these methods are excluded from the benefits.

Influencers who are changing that

Black women have maximum rates of being overweight in the country compared to other groups. Data shows that anxiety for black women is more chronic, and the symptoms are more severe than their white counterparts. Despite the clear need for health and fitness services, black women find themselves less vulnerable to places that can help them take better care of their minds and bodies. But one woman has come out to change that.

Christina Rice, who became an advertising activist, created OM Nair specifically to address the welfare needs of black women. She was motivated by the lack of black women in her yoga classes and found that if practicing yoga could help her, it could help women who look like her. She was also motivated by the disturbing statistics about black women’s health. She has taken this aim to the next level by organizing the Welfare of Women of Color. The program, presented by Tropicana Accessories Probiotics and auxiliary sponsor Quaker, provided participants with significant financial, mental and physical fitness resources over the weekend.


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