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Why Didn’t You Ask? A Story of Domestic Violence and Rape

Why Didn’t You Ask? A Story of Domestic Violence and Rape

From an early occurrence in her childhood to a perilous thirteen-year relationship, Panya Dixon too often suffered from various forms of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Conflicted between love and the pain her loved ones brought on her, she consistently had to fight for her life and her will to move on.


Why Didn’t You Ask? is an expression of Panya’s truth—her trials, pains, and lessons—of which she shares with admirable transparency. Her story of perseverance, along with her guidance and education on what signs to look out for and how to handle them, will inspire you to reach out to someone who may be going through this violent situation, or, if you are the survivor, to become an advocate for yourself. Panya’s theme is simple: Ask! Even when you do not feel that it is your place to ask, or you do not know what to ask, ask anyway!



A clenched, white-knuckled fist landed hard on my face. The lights from the Exxon station became blurred and then, a momentary darkness. It took several minutes to reorient myself, but I could hear, over the ringing in my ears, his voice bellowing, “You will never disrespect football! This is my life, not just a game!”

He kept driving, as he went on uncontrollably. I grabbed my face in disbelief, thinking to myself, this cannot be happening. I was trying to find a different truth to tell myself, like we had been in an accident or something. I was in shock and pain. Surely, he wouldn’t do this. I was stunned and crying on the inside. What am I supposed to do with this? Should I get out? Should I hit him back?

Panya Dixon embodies the word EMPOWERMENT! In her every move, she projects positivity. She offers thoughtful, sincere, and honest words that helps nurture and develop the strengths of those around her. Panya helps strengthen confidence, allowing you to take control and regain power over those obstacles that sometimes make us feel powerless. She is an Amazon Best Selling Author and a domestic violence survivor with a testimony that she hopes will inspire others. She began leaving her mark on the world in Chattanooga, TN. Wife and mother of three, Panya and her family currently live in a suburb just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. She gives back to the community as a Certified Direct Service Provider for the Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence. She is the Executive Vice President of Member Relations with Classy Living Society and a mentor with Atlanta Glow.

Get to know Panya:
1.  Why did you decide to write your book?
I wanted to use my story to be a blessing to others that may be experiencing similar trauma.  One in four women are victims of rape and over half of those are never reported.  One in three women experience intimate partner or domestic violence every 20 minutes.  I wrote it to create a dialogue and for people to feel free to talk about their experiences without shame.  Silence creates violence.  I want others to know that they are not alone.

2.  How long did it take you to write your book?

It took me a year to write the book.  I wanted to make sure that the book was authentic and I captured my thoughts, feelings and the events that took place.

3.  How did you name the title of the book?

I did not name the book until it was almost complete.  I thought of several titles but they did not match the content.  One day I was proof reading the book and I thought to myself, why didn’t anyone ever ask me how I was feeling or did I need any help?  I said to myself, “That’s it! The name will be Why Didn’t You Ask? A Story of Domestic Violence and Rape.”

 4.  How did your family and friends react to your book?

My family and  friends have been very supportive and proud of me.  I realized after the book was complete that no one asked because they didn’t know what to ask or what to say.

 5.  When you are not writing, what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy spending time with my family and volunteering.  Volunteering is good for my soul.  It really makes me happy to be a Blessing to someone who is in need.  It is a Blessing to be a Blessing.

 6.  What was your hardest chapter to write?
My hardest chapter to write was Listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit.  The chapter reveals the details of how I was raped and how it affected me.
7.   Do you have any goals you would like to accomplish?
In my wildest dreams I would love to create a platform to help 100,000 people find their voice and tell their story.  I was held hostage with shame for many years from the things that had happened to me.  Once I shared my story I became free and decided to live my life ambitiously!
















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